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How Can An Accounts Payable Automation Tool Be A Game-Changer For Your Organization?

Have you ever wondered why successful global firms are embracing accounts payable automation software? With these sophisticated systems, organizations can process supplier invoices with little or no human intervention. This ensures a seamless digital workflow, while saving your manhours and eliminating errors from the process. With one of the best accounts payable automation tools like Monite, you need to capture data from invoices in the digital format. Usually, the system deploys a capture technology like scanning using an OCR (optical character recognition).

Using a powerful accounts payable tool, you can benefit from decreased costs and reduced human efforts. Besides, you can avoid erroneous payments and duplicate payments, and get your vendor portfolio optimized.

Different ways in which an AP automation can help your business

Deploying smart systems to manage your accounts payable can significantly help your business.

  • Enhance processing time

Invoice processing happens to be an indispensable task for your organization. With this tool, you can significantly speed up the processing time for your customers’ invoices, reducing their wait time. When the system automatically generates the invoice, it matches the same with the authorized team members and routes it to them for approval after reviewing. In the process, you would have less paperwork to handle. The overall workflow becomes efficient, and you can save valuable manhours and channelize them for managing other priorities.

  • Better accuracy

Traditional methods of data entry, including spreadsheets, are susceptible to human errors. Besides, you have risks like losing documents or misfiling them. At times, the transferred amount gets into the wrong account, and you end up wasting your productive hours trying to retrieve the same. Ultimately, businesses lose revenue or even have to shell out fines.

With an automated system, you would eliminate the entire paper-based approach and manual process of entering data. Therefore, you won’t have any potential human error to hamper your productivity. In case any issue like duplicate payment or overpayment takes place, the system would automatically flag the transaction for review. Therefore, through automation, you can enhance the accuracy in auditing, budgeting, and reporting.

  • Better control and transparency

With the manual process, sifting through loads of paper documents for a specific invoice turns out to be a Herculean task. The process also proves to be utterly time-intensive, which ultimately robs your business of its productive hours. With automated tools, you can get a complete overview of the financial dealings on a single interface. This ensures better transparency, given that authorized staff in your organization would be able to monitor the transactions remotely at any time.

The process would ensure better control in the process, preventing possible bottlenecks and ensuring proper cash flows.

  • Discounts for early payments

It’s possible for your organization to bank on early payment discounts when you have an automated accounts payable process in place. With many of the vendors, you have this provision when you make the payment within a stipulated timeframe. Statistics reveal that 12% of the organizations fail to capitalize on these deals, while you have an opportunity to save as much as 21% by paying early.

So, when you automate your accounts payable, you can get alerts for all these provisions. Accordingly, you can reduce your overall expenses by opting for these discounts when you pay your vendors early.

  • Comprehensive overview and insight

Now, you know that the manual process turns out to be time and labor-intensive, it makes sense to go for the automated system. This ensures that you would be able to retain the quality of data, eliminating faulty and duplicate entries. Apart from this, the automated systems provide significant benefits like reporting, analysis, and strategic recommendations.

The automated process can refine and simplify the overall process of forecasting, planning, and reporting. As a result, you would gain a quick insight into the overall finances of your company.

Get a quality software to automate your accounts payable

While you look out for the best automation software to streamline your accounts payable, you would run into several providers. It’s imperative to select the right tool, so that your business can benefit from the large assortment of features on a single platform. Besides, you should be able to scale the necessary features up or down, as per your needs. Considering your budget and the available range of features, you need to select the right software.

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