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Considerations For and Against Online Education

With the pandemic shifting social expectations of conducting business and learning at home, various educational institutions have begun providing online-only learning options even as in class classes have slowly returned during 2021 and 2022.

Just like those working from home remotely, having the option to complete your education completely online opens various opportunities for many people who may not have the opportunity due to personal reasons from attending in class lessons.

Today we’ll go over some of the considerations of why you would choose to complete your education online as well as some of the cons.

What Are Some Considerations for Completing Your Education Online?

Cost Effective

The number one reason for those attending online classes would be the convenience behind it. Without the need to spend money commuting, lunches on campus, and accommodation in otherwise unconventional locations, students who are only remote find themselves saving a greater ton of money simply by staying home.

By staying home, just like those working remotely, students simply need a laptop to connect to their classes with a simple desk to attend any class.

While cost effective, many online students also attend classes while working. This provides a multitude of benefits. First, students can supplement their learning with extra income. Those lucky enough with jobs that allow access to laptops can study during non-busy times of their job.

Second, students can gain valuable work experience while earning their educational credentials at the same time. Finally, many lower-paying jobs may have periods of downtime so this allows students to be efficient with their time as we will discuss next.

Convenience and Superior Time Management

As classes can be accessed anywhere, online learners are able to attend classes wherever and whenever they want.

If students want to attend classes while taking transit to their job, while working, or even on the beach, all they need is a remote laptop with a webcam and internet connection to join in.

Students will be able to do the things they prioritize, like traveling, socializing, gaining work experience, or earning supplemental income from a full-time job at their own pace and flexibility all the while completing their education.

Customize Your Learning Space

Some students may be uncomfortable in a larger group setting given the past two years of the pandemic. A large group environment, in a building that may be uncomfortable for students may deter many from in person learning.

With remote online learning, students can customize their own learning as they see fit. Prefer a coffee shop over a classroom? They can do that. What about in the comfort of one’s home with the equipment they prefer? That’s possible!

The most common location for those learning remotely is at home. Just like those working from home, students are able to customize their learning environment, whether it’s having ergonomic-friendly chairs, gaming-friendly keyboard and mice, or even multiple monitors – students have total control.

There have been numerous studies on improvements of focus and motivation if you are in a comfortable environment, making the case for completing your education online.

What Are Some Reasons Against Completing Your Education Online?

Loss of In-Person Interaction and Networking Opportunities

One of the biggest selling points and memorable memories for any student, whether they are in higher education or even high school, is the people they meet along the way.

By being restricted to only online classes, students lose the opportunities to connect with their peers daily. These peers could have similar interests and provide insightful perspectives while you are completing your education. You can be challenged and challenge others on various school topics which helps develop crucial critical thinking skills key for lifelong learning.

This single reason is why many students will not consider online education. You may meet people who will be friends of life, your prospective life partner, or networking opportunities for your future career and/or new business ideas. Who would want to give that up?

Many students do not remember the things they learn in school, but rather only the friends and connections they made along the way.

Strong Individual Motivation Required – Distractions

As students are not in class with their instructors or fellow peers, where distractions are minimized, students may have less pressure to complete their education with strong effort.

There is a lot of self-discipline for online learners to complete their education within expected deadlines with high quality work. These students may prioritize other objectives, like a part time job for example, that may cause them to fail classes which in return wastes time and money as they retake courses.

While some students will see this as a poor reason against online learning, many people do drop out of school, even with a peer support networking while attending in person. These students may be overestimating their discipline.

Limited Educational Choices

Not every educational certification is available for online learning. This is because many different disciplines require students to complete various in-person tasks. For example, those in chemistry-related courses might be required to synthesize various chemicals in a laboratory. For those in the trades, it is expected students learn on-the-job.

These courses and topics have no way around avoiding in person learning. For those who have majors that can be done entirely on a computer, then they’re in luck – they have many options available globally. For everyone else, a hybrid or in person option may be the only real options they have to choose from.


The global pandemic has accelerated the social acceptance of working from home as well as online education. There are many benefits with online education including cost savings and flexible time management, but not everyone is able to utilize these benefits due to limited educational choices and loss of social networking that comes with being online-only.

Consider the pros and cons of online education and remember to do your due diligence and research to determine what is the best for your personal decision. Your education is a huge part of your life!

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