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Published on March 4th, 2022 | by Mila Jones


Proven Ways to Increase Customer Engagement for Your SaaS Product

Those working in the SaaS business will know the value of customer engagement. While user acquisition is vital, retaining these new clients can be the biggest challenge for most companies. Customers need to feel valued to stay engaged. Moreover, they also need to be constantly reminded how necessary the product is. An engaged customer cannot imagine life without your software. One way to collaborate with the customer and increase his engagement in your product is through co browse technology where the support agent can guide the customer about the product and solve any issue that he might be facing.

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Organizations can measure customer engagement in several ways. Firstly you could evaluate the acquisition channel. The marketing effort that attracts the most customers presumably generates the highest engagement. Alternatively, you can monitor how customers use various features of your software. And lastly, you can use a customer engagement score. Below I have outlined seven simple tips to boost your SaaS customer engagement.

First Impressions Count

We’ve all heard the expression “you only get one first impression”, and it’s the truth. The better impression you make, the more prospective customers consider your product. And, of course, more users equals more engagement. You cannot work on customer engagement without any new customers. Taking the time to create an excellent first impression can make all the difference to your business.

So, how do you make the best possible first impression? Start by asserting the value of your product to stand out from your competitors. From the very first interaction, your new clients should see the potential of your product. They should envision how it can be suited to their needs and wants. They need to know what value your product brings.

Value Your Customer Feedback

Your customers should be your priority. When creating any software, your main goal is meeting your client’s needs. And that’s the secret of every successful business-building product. They always have their customers in mind. It’s all about providing optimum value. The more customers find your product relevant to their needs, the higher their chances of buying it. The opposite is also true.

How do you know if your software is working or not? By collecting customer feedback. Engage with your client’s views on your product. You might decide to narrow the research down to specific features. The responses may not always be positive. Be open-minded. If a user points out a flaw in the product, appreciate them and promise to make necessary adjustments.

Use Push Notifications

While the idea of push notifications may sound invasive, if managed effectively it can be a useful tool. Dispatch them in moderation. If you design and send relevant updates to clients, they will visit your platform more often. Push notifications shouldn’t just be about recommended notifications. Instead, they can also inform the client of software updates and new features. Keep them precise.

So, how do you design the best updates? Firstly, ensure that they are clear enough. Do not keep the clients guessing. Secondly, keep the updates precise and direct. Nobody wants to read long paragraphs in their push notifications. And lastly, use catchy tags. The updates should catch your customers’ attention at a glance. However, catchy doesn’t mean exaggeration or using click-baits.

Leverage Gamification to Increase Customer Engagement

The truth is that using games to trigger user engagement isn’t new. For several years, organizations have employed gaming to seduce clients. Perhaps the only difference today is how businesses implement it. And that’s due to the emergence of the internet. Thanks to technology, companies can now deploy product gamification on large scale. That enables you to reach several users simultaneously.

Employ Content Marketing

Over the years as a software developer or marketer, you’ve acquired a lot of expertise. However, your clients may not have the same knowledge. How about sharing what you know with them? Doing so not only increases user experience but also enhances engagement. Content marketing involves sharing how different platforms work. Also, you could show them how to navigate various software features.

Types Of Content Marketing

There are two major types of content marketing: Blog articles and audiovisual content. While you can use either option to complement each other, others prefer using them separately. As the name suggests, blogging refers to creating written content. You can come up with blog titles by yourself. Alternatively, you can write articles on frequently asked questions. Whatever helps your customer helps you.

Sometimes, you may attach videos to blogs. But, if there’s no relevant article, you can post it separately. Audiovisual content is pretty popular today. Why is that so? Firstly, videos are easier to understand. And secondly, videos can summarize a lot of content in a short time. To maximize engagement, ensure your customers participate fully in the creation and assimilation process.

Encourage Customer Engagement By Prioritizing Their Success

What’s every company’s priority? To be successful. Therefore, focussing on customer success is another great way to catch their attention and spark engagement. Organizations can make their customers engage with integrated SaaS solutions, making their customers aware of the suggested climate actions. Without a doubt, keeping your clients informed makes them more likely to stay active and engaged with your product.

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