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6 Things to Clarify With a Car Accident Lawyer Before You Hire Them

Greensboro saw 30 car crashes with 31 fatalities this year until August 2021. Of these fatalities, nine were pedestrians. Such alarming rates of motor accidents are a cause of concern, and it is best to have a Greensboro car accident lawyer handy if the situation arises.

The number of personal injury lawyers is on the rise, and it can be challenging to pick the one who fits your requirements. You need to clarify a few things with the car accident attorney before hiring them.

Pricing Strategy

Usually, car accident lawyers take up cases on a contingent basis; that is, you only pay when you win. Even if you fail, they may expect you to pay legal fees. It is still best to confirm the pricing strategy that the lawyer has in place.

For contingent pricing, make sure to know if they charge a percentage of the settlement or have a fixed rate no matter how much you get. The usual percentage ranges from 25 to 40 of the settlement amount. Check if it also covers other legal fees.

Who Will Be Actually Handling the Case?

Law firms tend to hand over low-profile cases to junior attorneys, while senior lawyers focus on high-profile and high net worth ones. You need to make sure that the attorney handling your case has the expertise to handle the case. It is good to talk to them directly as they interact with the defendant and lawyers.

Motor vehicle accident cases in Greensboro are best handled by attorneys who have above-average knowledge of cars. This know-how allows them to question the details of the case and get to the crux of the matter. They make for better settlement amounts.

Their Experience in Car Accident Cases

While a lawyer may have handled many personal injury claims, car accident cases can be rather tricky to handle. Hence, hiring a lawyer specializing in such cases would be valuable to your lawsuit. You can ask your Greensboro car accident lawyer for their experience in the matter, their success rate, and the average settlement value.

If They Have Malpractice Insurance

Lawyers are, after all, humans, and you may be the unfortunate one to experience their negligence. Having malpractice insurance covers any failure or mistakes made by the attorney. You can expect to get paid by them even if you lose the settlement from the defendant.

Estimate Settlement Value of Your Case

With experience, lawyers can give you an estimate of how much monetary settlement you can expect. It allows you to compare more than one lawyer who has similar credentials. You can use the settlement amount as the deciding factor when unsure which attorney to hire.

Will You Go to Trial?

Nobody wants to deal with a long, drawn-out trial. Instead, you would settle and focus on recovery than visit the courtroom for months on end.

A Greensboro car accident lawyer can give you a thorough assessment of the case and let you know if a trial is imminent. They will also help you prepare to appear in court and go over your testimony until you are perfect. The lawyer will also coach you to answer during a cross-examination.

Car accidents form a large part of personal injury claims in North Carolina. The requirement for a Greensboro car accident lawyer can arise at any time, and you should check the points mentioned above before you hire them.

The answers to these points can lead to you finding the best attorney in Greensboro and getting the highest settlement possible. When you know that you have the best legal minds working on your case, you and your loved ones can divert your attention to getting your life back on track.

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