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Benefits of Using Standing Desk Control System

The benefits of standing desks are evident. Many people who have some kind of an office job know already that standing desks help us to get rid of:

  • Pains in the back: with a standing desk, you can stretch your muscles and joints and therefore, avoid their stiffness and pains.
  • Migraines: when we keep the neck in a bent position, it complicates the blood flow to the brain. Therefore, the brain doesn’t receive sufficient oxygen, and we start suffering from migraines.
  • Weight gain leading to obesity: when we do not move, we start gaining weight inevitably. It, in turn, leads to obesity, and obesity impacts negatively the entire body.
  • In the long term, a sedentary lifestyle boosts the probability that you might develop diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and some specialists insist that even cancer.

If you change to a standing desk, you start moving more frequently. Even when you are just standing instead of sitting, you already burn more calories.

Standing desks are not a new invention. It is known that Leonardo da Vinci used one. Later, many famous people are known to have used standing desks of different constructions and designs.

A modern invention is an automatic standing desk that is managed by a standing desk control system. It is a much better option than an old-fashioned standing desk. Let us check what is so beneficial in using a standing desk control system.

With a Control System, You Can Set up Your Desk as Required

A standing desk is efficient only if it is set up properly. Set up properly means meeting some requirements such as:

  • Your knees shall be bent at the 90-degrees angle when in a sitting position.
  • Your hands shall freely rest on the desk or keyboard, with the elbows bent at the angle of 90 degrees.
  • The feet shall stand firmly on the floor.
  • The screen center shall be located at the level of your eyes.

Now, you see that there are pretty many requirements for desk adjustment. Can you do it with a stable standing desk? It is possible only if it was custom-made for you. We even do not mention that you cannot adjust it to sit. You can order one more desk, a traditional one, and interchange them while working. Only then, the desired positive effect will be noticeable.

Why Is It Not Recommended to Just Use a Desk in a Standing Position Only?

In a standing position, all the requirements are the same. Just this time, your knees shall be slightly bent to allow shifting your weight from one leg to the other. However, how long do you think you can work in a standing position? We bet that after a short time, you will start feeling fatigue and tiredness. Leave alone pains in feet and the back.

Even if you have a traditional desk, running from one item to another is not convenient. Additionally, it is time demanding. That’s why we are sure that after a couple of days, you will just move to working at a traditional desk, with all the consequences.

If you are using a desk that can be managed with a standing desk control system, you can change the desk position without any effort. With this opportunity to move your desk to any height with just a push of a button, you can adjust the item perfectly for your needs. You don’t need to order a custom made item because your height-adjustable desk will serve you perfectly.

Why Is It Needed to Interchange Positions?

It is needed for your comfort. Health-related reasons shall be considered, too.

You already know what happens if you are sitting constantly. However, when you are standing all time, it is also not healthy. So, the constant load on legs and feet makes them tired. It can lead to varicose and constant pains in feet and legs.

When you are standing, your back feels constant pressure. So, pains in the back will accompany you constantly.

When you are tired, you don’t work but instead, you will be looking forward to a time when you can have a rest.

When you can interchange a sitting and a standing position conveniently and fast (you can do it only if you can manage your desk with a desk control system),

How to Use Your New Desk Correctly?

Using a height-adjustable desk correctly is important. That’s why we have recommended you to select a desk from Omnidesk that can be managed with a desk control system.

To enjoy the new item and benefit from it, interchange positions frequently. Initially, you might need to do it every 20-30 minutes. It is ok. Just don’t wait until you start feeling discomfort or tiredness.

Combine your work with physical exercise. You don’t even have to go out or to visit a gym now. Use your adjustable desk as a support for, say, push ups, or any other exercise. And enjoy every benefit of your desk.


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