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Why Investing In Palladium Coins Is Worth Doing

Investments are commitments made by apportioning a certain amount of money or time or anything of value to a project for the purpose of benefiting from the proceeds of that commitment in future. It has to be pointed out that this is a very wise thing to do because, where successful, it guarantees the investor steady returns and even financial security in the future.

The challenge however, is in finding the right ventures, businesses, stocks or areas of life to invest in as anyone who has made investments before can tell you, you might not always get the expected result. However, there are certain areas that you can invest in that have proven profitable over the years. one such example is investing in the Russian ballerina palladium coins.

What Are Palladium Coins?

These are coins of a particular currency, that is minted from a precious metal known as palladium. This precious metal in itself is a silver-white lustrous transition metal and is also one of the elements that along with iridium, osmium, ruthenium and rhodium are categorized as the platinum group. You can read more about it here.

Considering their precious nature, they are not your everyday commercial transaction currency but are commemorative or used for investment purposes. It is not even recognized as a legal tender. They were first used in Sierra Leone in 1966 by the government of that country and are still in circulation globally till today.

Why Invest In Palladium Coins?

Generally, it is under precious metals when it comes to investment. This category also includes gold and silver and so on. However, why should one invest in it? The following are some of the reasons to do:

It Is In Demand

At the very basic, palladium itself belongs to the platinum metal category; there is always a demand for it in the market. This is because, it is needed in a vast array of industries. For instance, it is used in the jewelry, electrical, dental, chemical and automotive industries so there is always a demand for it. Finally, as in this instance, it is also used to make coins.

For Portfolio Diversification

Quite rightly, there are many areas of investment available in the society where one can invest. The most popular option that many take is to invest in stocks. However, the market does get volatile and sometimes losses are incurred, therefore, it would not be wise to have all your eggs in one basket. Portfolio diversification is a wise step to take in this instance at least, where one fails, you have other options to benefit from.

It Is Rare

In economics, when a commodity becomes scarce in the market and the demand for it is high, it automatically increases the worth of this scarce commodity thereby driving up costs. The same is the case with palladium coins for they are rare and there is a rush for them the world over. Again, this demand is expected to increase in the future meaning that its value will definitely increase and those who already have investments in it would benefit greatly.

It Is Stable

The stock market usually will experience some highs and lows, that is to be expected though the expectation is that the value of your investment will keep appreciating. However, the rate of inflation today makes it uncertain that a dollar would worth in 10 years’ time what it is worth today. Notice that the inflation rate might impact on your expected benefit? This is not the same with palladium investments because, in its worst case scenario, the value will maintain its stability; you can read more on all these at

Adoption By Governments

Though it is not a legal tender, it is has now gained more acceptance from governments who before now had not approved or started its minting. America is the latest country to join this league as in 2017, it started minting the American palladium eagle.

It has to be noted that prior to this time, many countries were already minting. Countries like Australia and Canada. However, a country like Russia had been into this minting but later stopped, but their Russian Ballerina palladium coins are of great value and are worth investing in.

What Is The Russian Ballerina Palladium Coins?

Palladium investment coins receive little respect

In the final years of the Soviet Union, Russia made some moves to promote a sense of pride in the Russian heritage. One such move was the minting of the Russian ballerina, which is a palladium coin. Ultimately though, the Soviet Union fell and four years on from the fall of the Soviet Union, the minting of the Russian ballerina stopped.

This does not mean that it is no longer in circulation rather, its use is largely symbolic and its value is much more than what is written on the coin. On the other hand, its circulation is not so common meaning that it is a bit rare and precious to have and it is predicted that its value will further increase over time as it might get much rarer to have in the future. A smart investor would go for it now.


The future is not always certain; fortunes do change as no one really knows what tomorrow holds. But one thing is certain, those who adequately plan for the future usually will survive and even do well whatever it is that the future brings.

Investments are a means of securing your future and finance against the uncertainties of life. The Russian ballerina palladium is one proven area of investment that will definitely yield increase for you should you decide to invest in it.

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