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Minecraft PE 1.19 and 1.19.0 The Wild Update Release for Android

Don’t miss the opportunity to download the new version of Minecraft 1.19.0 for Android for free now with working Xbox Live.

Let’s talk Briefly about this new release.

Changes in blocks, you can dress and fill various blocks with liquid, adjustments to some items, new items in construction and additional opportunities in battles. And finally, something new has appeared in biomes. Further, in detail about all the innovations that we know about from the developers of the game, including the fix for Minecraft exit code 0.”

Features of Minecraft PE 1.19.0 and 1.19

We are already familiar with Mojang Studios and we know that once a year there is definitely a unique update with cool news. Although they say that one area in the game will be upgraded, other aspects are naturally affected, which makes these versions special.

This time an updated crafting system. Now construction has become more convenient as you can use several blocks at once.


Even in earlier versions, you can see some changes. This includes coral in the aquatic upgrade, the target block, and weeping obsidian in the big nether upgrade. All this Notch planned long before that and this is not the end of new chips.

It’s not the first year that Jeb and the team want to improve and add something new to the battle system. Get ready to contemplate a completely new fighting. Since then, new opportunities have been added in battles against each other and against monsters. For example, only after a cooldown you can swing an object. Added new range options. To strike a monster from afar, you need to use a hoe, not an ordinary sword.


In the early version, the blacksmith’s table became functional, but did not meet expectations. There is a chance that functionality will be added to the archer’s table.

You should have noticed the “very nice graphics” option in the beta.

In addition to this, Mojang also announced that Minecraft will be moving to the new Blaze3D graphics engine and the graphics will be improved in the full game.

This in turn will allow fluid to be separated from conventional blocks.

Although in the water update, these parameters were separated in MCPE 1.19.0 and 1.19, players will be able to fill the rest of the incomplete blocks with water.


In this version, the creators added new Skulk Blocks, Mangrove Block and Mud.

Mud and Mud Brick are part of the Mangrove Swamp biome.

• Appear from the Earth and Flasks with water.

• When placed over a Drip block with a growing Dropper, Dirt can turn into Clay.

• Mud bricks are created from the Mud. They can also be made from Sand and Wheat and have a decorative function.

More Mangrove blocks

From the Mangrove Tree you can get:

• Mangrove wood – is a constituent of wood and can be used to make planks.

• Mangrove Planks – Used as a building block for plank items. Can be obtained from wood.

• Mangrove leaves – also part of the tree, can be used as decoration.

• Mangrove sapling – turns into a full-fledged tree, grows under foliage and water.

• Mangrove roots – for decoration only.

The next new block is Sculk.

Found in the Dark Depths, has a variety of movements and can grant experience when destroyed.

Sculk – for use in Redstone circuits. Can appear when a mob dies if there is a

Sculk Catalyst nearby.

Sculk Vein – Has a similar layered texture with snow. Has no direction. Also used in circuits.

Sculk Catalyst – Has bone and block textures. Makes Sculk and particles when there is a dead mob nearby. Can be used in circuits from Redstone. There are luminous elements.

Sculk Shrieker – Has bone and block textures. Accompanied by a monstrous sound. To activate it, you need a Skalk-sensor. Can apply the effect of darkness and release rings when turned on. Produces Watchdog if activated multiple times. Does not grant experience when resolved.

And the last one, the Frame Block – produces an open frame in the Dark Depths. Made from Deepslate. The application is not yet known.

Biomes and Improvements

This is what everyone has been waiting for – updated biomes. Changes have been made to Mesa (Bryce) and similar biomes. Natural areas have fewer lags.

Of course all bugs were fixed. Not surprisingly, the new engine has proven itself excellently.

Mobs in the new version

So far there are 5 new mobs known – Warden, Frog, Tadpole, Firefly and Allay.


Hostile mob. In general, it looks like a minotaur. Since the mob cannot see anything, it senses your fear and is sensitive to sounds. In order for him not to notice you, you need to sneak, since it has very high damage and speed like the players.

The frog is a friendly mob. There are 3 types, which depend on the spawn location and have different abilities. Spawn from Tadpoles in 4-8 minutes. They eat Fireflies.

Tadpoles are the beginning of Frogs and live in water. Can be collected in a bucket.

Firefly is food for frogs. Are two-dimensional.

Mob Allay, winner of the vote at the annual Minecon conference. It is an assistant in collecting items.

Overall, Mojang Studios has done a tremendous job. We will wait for fresh announcements. And of course, I already want to play as soon as possible, but the release will only be in the summer of 2022. Well Hachiko was waiting and we will wait)

Download Minecraft 1.19.0 and 1.19 for Android Free

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