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Using The Right Expired Domain Finder Software Can Make You Successful

It is common knowledge that millions of websites that make up the huge labyrinth called internet may not exist forever. The reality is hundreds of domain names expire on a daily basis. The reasons can include non renewal of domains and deliberate discarding by the owners. For a lot of people such expired domains hold absolutely no interest. However, for those with insight on SEO and worth of good backlinks, such expired domains are nothing short of new opportunities! The seasoned webmasters buy premium domain names by paying huge amounts since they know a quality domain includes years of hard work and potential to fetch traffic.

Why use software to track expired domains?

Nowadays, you can use specialized software applications to locate deleted and expired domains. Using software like expired domains finder lets you zero in on the useful aged domains from the available lot. You need not pay a huge amount and put up with annoying bidding process.

Usually, dedicated expired domain locator applications let users find expired domains in the following ways:

  • Search from given Keyword
  • Reverse Crawl
  • Crawl webpage list
  • Crawl Website

Things to do with expired domains

You can do the following things after buying an expired domain.

  • 301 Redirect: You can use 301 Redirect to ensure the domain redirects to your main website if the domain has useful back links.
  • Developing authority site on the domain: After buying an expired domain, you can turn it into an authority website. You may add new blogs to it for inviting back links from popular websites.
  • PBN: The SEO experts resort to this method. They develop own blogs to link back to main websites which is a private blog network. It helps improve site ranking.

Features to check for in an expired domain locator application

When you buy a third party application to locate expired and deleted domains, check for a few features.

  • The software should have features to enable search for expired domains in niche segments. This can be done by typing in keywords.
  • It should be able to crawl any website for locating expired domains.
  • It should be able to assess quality of all domains.
  • The software should let you filter the domains based on quality metrics.
  • It should be easy to use and set up.
  • It should not be sluggish.

Things that you should know

These domain locator applications are available in various versions. The entry level version can be used free of cost but users who need more features and want to locate several expired domains easily, need to pay.

Typically, the domain finder applications do not need high hardware and software setups to run but you shout check facts with specific application vendor. It is also necessary to check the kind of support materials and documentations the vendor is offering. Some entities also offer a money refund scheme to assure the buyers. You can read reviews of expired domains finder applications as well.

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