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Bringing Page Builder Content Authoring to the Magento Open Source Community

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that provides the user a shopping Cart system that is flexible, with complete control over the feel and the look, online store functionality, and much more. Magento is generally available in three editions, and based upon the requirement of the business; the same can be used. However, one great news is that for now the open-source Magento users, the Magento page builder is available and in case one needs any help to understand about it, to hire magento developers would be the right choice.

Recently, Adobe released Magento’s new version. Magento 2.4.3 has been provided with various updates that have been included within the previous version, and the most anticipated feature herein on the Magento open source is the page-builder. The page builder is quite advanced as well as a user-friendly content editing tool. It will help the owners of the Magento store create complex content, including sliders, banners, the complex layout within the drag and drop interface, and rich media. So, all the content editors and the marketers, they will be able to do much more without asking for any help or without having to hire a leading Magento Development Company.

The page builder, it is a very big step in comparison to the legacy of the WYSIWYG editor that got used in the Magento open-source previously. In the past, Page Builder was only made available within the commercial version or the paid version of Magento (Adobe Commerce). However, Adobe has not made it available even on the open-source version.

Some amazing content-type that will be not possible to be created using the Page Builder is quite out of the box and includes,

  • Banners- including images with the overlay of text
  • Buttons
  • Complex layouts
  • Maps- Integration of Google maps
  • Slider or carousels with the different transition layouts and effects
  • Video- Can be self-hosted/from Vimeo or YouTube

The certified Magento developers, we can even extend this page builder using the help of the custom content types for meeting up the client’s specific needs. It will, in turn, make it much more powerful. For most of the developers out there, seeing the release of page builder has made them say that this is quite an exciting development, and it will make the open-source version of Magento quite a better platform.

Magento Page Builder – what is it?

The page builder feature, it has been made available to commerce cloud users and commerce users in this year earlier. This feature will be allowing the users to manage the content blocks and the pages way more effectively and easily. The page builder, it was acquired in 2016 by Magento from the SI partner, Gene Commerce. The previously sold at like the module which was called as Bluefoot, for both the open-source and the commerce version of Magento. Even though this Bluefoot module was quite different, a lot of functionality of it has been carried over, and some key exceptions have been excluded within the blog and the pre-built templates.

Some of its benefits are,

  • For Commerce users, it was made free to use. Now it’s also available for the free version of Magento.
  • It has been built within Magento core, and all of the content has been rendered within the templates.
  • It is quite easy to usage and is very straightforward.
  • It can be easily extended and integrated with some of the Other common features, including content scheduling and the segmentation of the customer.

Definitely, page builder has some pros, but one cannot ignore the cons that come with it. Some of these cons are,

  • There does not exist any blog functionality.
  • it does not support the rich content creation, i.e., content arrangement purely and building of the pages.
  • When the same gets compared to the third parties, the capabilities are quite basic for testing, content creation features, version control, and approval layers.

Magento open-source latest version with Page Builder Tool – Updates

With the addition of the page builder within the open-source version, it is being appreciated around as this will make it easier for the web administrators to create the online stores in a very short period of time. The new version was released on 26 March and has assured a lot of changes including,

  • Coding will no longer be required for designing and creating powerful online E-Commerce stores, and hence a business can avoid dedicated Magento developers for hire.
  • It will be possible to create drag and drop content using the page builder, and the form editors can make it quite easy to collect the data.
  • Live previews will get available of the storefront designs on the Magento commerce. Even the administrators will have the possibility of changing and experimenting with the storefronts style by the use of content block editors.
  • Better support will be made available to the large companies with the help of the capability of the support address books. It has now become larger 30 times.
  • Updates to the shipping APIs and payment are being made available, and the team of the Magento has introduced above 200 performance, quality, and security improvements.
  • Security advancement host has been contained within the newly released update for Magento, etc.

Final Words

With businesses getting online much more than they were before, there is a huge requirement for the ability of rapidly developing and delivering new content. It has become a huge requirement for success, and this is one of the major reasons why Adobe has made page builder available with the new update for all of the merchants on both Adobe commerce and Magento open source. Definitely, the merchants are going to benefit from this new change, and they will be benefited from the content authoring while they continue to get a much more seamless upgrade path to Adobe commerce with the businesses growing. By all means, the magic to the community has been contributing towards the ongoing enhancement of this given popular tool, and they are making sure that they can help the businesses to grow and become efficient. This change and update are quite important, and it will deliver results unexpectedly and positively.

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