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What Does It Take to Build a Strong Case After a Car Accident

Los Angeles witnesses around 55,365 car accidents every year. Car accident trends in the city show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. AAA predicts that California is on track to experience another record year in car accidents, as the state saw over 300,000 traffic collisions last year.

While some were minor fender benders with no injuries, other accidents caused significant crippling effects for those involved. A trusted Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can study the facts of your case and help you build a strong case.

What Does It Take to Build a Strong Case After a Car Accident

Many factors play into building a solid case after an accident, but the following are some of the top pieces of evidence necessary for success in your case.


Photos of the car accident scene can be beneficial to your case. Whether you take them yourself or have someone at the scene snap photos for you, these images will serve several purposes.

For one, they may uncover details that were not visible in person because of lighting or other obstructions. Additionally, photos can provide objectivity in cases where eyewitnesses disagree on what happened during the crash.

Lastly, photos can paint a complete picture of your accident when mixed with other evidence like police reports or witness statements.

Professional Guidance

The Westside and Valley areas of Los Angeles each had over 27,000 reported crashes in 2013 alone. An experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can play an integral role in building your case.

An attorney knows what details to look for and which strategies to implement will give you the best results possible when pursuing compensation from the at-fault party or their insurance company.

A Los Angeles car accident attorney is incredibly valuable because they have years of experience dealing with cases just like yours and know where and how to gather evidence and build a strong claim on your behalf.

It’s recommended you find an experienced lawyer who has worked on car accident cases similar to yours. The more familiar they are with these types of claims, the better equipped they’ll be to build a compelling case for you.

Witness Statements

When it comes to building a solid car accident injury claim, witness statements are another critical piece of evidence. While no one besides the drivers involved knows precisely what happened, witnesses can corroborate or dispute specific details of your account.

If other drivers on the road witnessed the incident, these drivers might have seen things more clearly than you did.

Alternatively, if an eyewitness at the scene of your collision disputes your version of events, their statement could mean additional challenges in proving fault for your injuries.

Video Evidence

While photos and witness statements are great ways to document details during an accident, videos are emerging as an even better means for this purpose. Thanks to advancements in video technology, many drivers are now equipped with cell phone cameras to record high-quality footage.

Videos taken at the scene can be beneficial in building your car accident case because they provide more detail than photos and go a long way in verifying what happened during the crash.

Besides videos recorded on the driver’s phones, the court may also consider CCTV camera footage, traffic camera footage, or video footage from external sources.

Wrapping Up

While collecting evidence is vital for building your claim, it’s only half of the battle when it comes to achieving success with your lawsuit.

The other half – which isn’t nearly as difficult if you follow these tips about building a strong car accident injury claim, involves strategically presenting this evidence to the court. A car accident case is challenging enough without poor presentation, so be sure that you present your best evidence to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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