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Email Marketing – Effective Tips To Write a Business Email

Although, the Internet accepts write-ups that are more about being creative and offer users with an interesting idea of your subject. But, business emails are not about being creative instead they are more about making people familiar with your business and should be written in a professional tone. The key purpose of your business email should be to capture the people’s attention quickly, turn your readers into your customers and bring in more traffic to your business.

So, how will you do this? Check out this post to get your answer…


Subject Lines

To catch the users’ attention, the subject lines should be catchy as they prompt your users to take further action and open your email to read it further. If your subject lines aren’t catchy, a user will find them boring and may delete your email just by reading your subject line. In case, he doesn’t delete your email, he will not see your message and your email will be like any other email in the inbox. Take into account your subject and then start writing a subject line that completely defines your purpose in a single sentence.

Customer-Oriented Message

Consider your target audience when building your email. Keep in mind what age groups, backgrounds your customers belong to. Tell them exactly what they are expecting to hear from you. For instance, if you are selling a furniture, you have to tell them about durability, size, shape and waterproof nature of your furniture. They would probably be more interested to know about the qualities that differentiate your product from the rest. Also, consider the dates, so if your targeted  customer-base belongs to the USA and related countries, they will read 02/03/2016 as third of February, however, in Asian countries, this will be read as second of March.

Well-Crafted Writing Style

It’s great if you keep your sentences clear and concise. Lengthy sentences may create a confusion among your audience. Keep playing with the words as long as your target audience is young. Don’t elongate the sentences for instance, using “is capable of” instead of “can” or “in the form of” instead of “as”. Lengthy sentences will only confuse your audience. Also, they will sound as if written by an amateur.

User-friendly Format

Remember, a lot of users don’t have time to read your message so in case, you present your message in a complicated format, they will just skip your message without responding anything to it. Instead, follow a well organized format, use bullets, keep the text simple and use bold, italic or underlined fonts to make it user friendly. Avoid using capital letters over and over again as this will only annoy your audience.

Compelling Call To Action

The goal of email marketing is to gain customers and increase the sales. You don’t want people to read your message and skip without taking any further action. Insert a call to action in your email and tell people what to do next, where to sign up to avail your services and don’t forget to add your contact details. You can make it a headline or use it at the end of your text. Deliver your message with a compelling call to action such as “Free Shipping if Order by March 22” or “35% Discount for First 100 customers”.

Make these sentences readable by your audience by changing the font size or keeping them in bold. Offer your customers with a Money back guarantee if not satisfied with your products or service. Compel them to try your service for free for the first 30 days using a 30-day trial system. All of these points are equally important for creating an effective email marketing campaign that converts your customers into sales and generate a revenue for your business.


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