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Published on September 22nd, 2021 | by Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti


Best VPNs to watch HBO online in 2021

Although Games of Thrones is an epic series, it is not the only good series from HBO. Series like West world and True Detective are also extremely popular. And then there are classics like The Sopranos and The Wire. So even if GOT ends soon, having to enjoy watching HBO online is worth it.

Watch GOT streaming – winter is coming!

The popularity of the Home Box Office channel, HBO and how to watch HBO, has skyrocketed with the advent of the Games of Throne series, which began in 2011. On social media, some people even say that without this series, they would never have subscribed! I hope the TV channel has a new series soon, as the last of the 69 episodes will air in 2019…

Watching the Game of Thrones broadcast in Spain or in any region where you can watch HBO in Spain, is possible through the functionality of watching HBO online since HBO has the exclusive transmission rights. Therefore, you will not find any other channel to watch GOT for free out there.

If you have a subscription to watch HBO Spain, you can watch GOT HBO GO.

But if you go abroad, you may experience an outage. Due to television rights. In fact, with your subscription, you can only watch HBO Spain or when you are in Spain.

Thanks to the European Union, you can watch HBO abroad or wherever you go in the EU. So if you travel to France, Spain or Germany, you can keep watching GOT.

But if you travel outside the EU, you will lose your access to HBO in order to watch HBO online.

Fortunately, there is a solution that I will present in the next paragraph.

How to watch HBO abroad? The best solution

When you’re outside the EU, it gets (a little) more complicated. Because you don’t have any organization that protects your rights at this level. Welcome to the jungle, where you no longer have access to anything.

Although I don’t enjoy it at all, being in Asia, I can understand the interest of content producers. They manage to sell the rights to their works to more channels to earn more money. And it’s also better for users who can access content through local channels, and in their language.

However, if you have an HBO subscription, you can’t use it anymore. It’s irritating.

But it is possible to use a VPN (for virtual private network) to unblock and watch HBO online. This security tool is a blessing. Because it allows you to attract the channel’s site so that you believe how to watch HBO Spain and that you are in Spain. Even if you are not.

The one I’ve been using for years is Fastest VPN. And that’s the one I recommend in most situations for best router VPN service. Because it is versatile. You can watch HBO abroad. And you can also use it for Netflix or to download torrents.

What is the best service to watch HBO Spain or abroad?

I recommend Fastest VPN. You can use it for 30 days without risk. You must pay in advance, but you can get your money back with a simple request. Start a chat with one of their agents and you will get a refund within 5 days.

If you want more options, check out my selection below:

These three services will allow you to watch HBO abroad. Once the software is installed and running, you must choose a server in Spain. And that’s it. After that, you will browse with a Spanish IP address to watch Spanish HBO, the server’s. And the channel site will consider that you are a Spanish user.

What else can you do with a VPN?

Game of Thrones is coming to an end soon, there are only a few episodes left until number 69. So is it worth subscribing for a year? Honestly, it is.

First, you can enjoy a discount with an annual subscription. Fastest VPN, for example, offers a great discount and three months FREE to study how to watch HBO for free.

Second, there are many other series available like watching HBO, like The Walking Dead, Six Feet Under or Banshee. With a VPN you can unblock all sites and all channels. So you can also watch US Netflix, US HBO (See below), Spanish TV channels, etc.

Third, a VPN improves your security and protects your identity when you’re online. This is the only tool that hides your IP address and encrypts your data. Therefore, snoopers (government agencies, companies, Internet service providers) cannot intercept anything.

How to watch HBO and how to subscribe to HBO in the United States?

It is not that complicated. If you have learned English in school or through video games, like I have, then you will get it easily. Here are the four steps to complete:

1. Choose a good VPN provider

As you have seen before, there are several excellent virtual private network providers that allow you to watch HBO broadcast or watch HBO Spain abroad.
You need a VPN that is suitable for streaming high-quality videos. And it allows you to bypass geographic restrictions effectively.

I recommend Fastest VPN, for the reasons I mentioned above.

2. Connect to an American server

Without going into detail here, a VPN connection makes the HBO streaming site think you’re browsing from the United States. How? Once connected to a server located in the United States, it is assigned an American IP address. And when you visit the channel’s website, you do it with this IP. And not with your real IP address (which is Spanish or the country you are in).

3. Create an account for HBO

You can subscribe to watch HBO online, watch HBO Spain or HBO through their website. I admit it is a bit complicated. Because you can’t pay with a non-US credit card… But you can buy HBO gift cards online to watch HBO online. And with these cards, you can also buy your subscription.

There is an offer for people who do not have a cable subscription. It is perfect for people like you and me. And it costs $ 15 a month.

4. Watch HBO series and movies live!

This is the easiest step. And the one you have come to here! HBO shows are now available. However, remember that you must stay connected to the American VPN server. Otherwise, access is restricted, as with all TV channels in the US.


Personally, I can’t wait to see the conclusion of Game of Thrones. And I find it very convenient to be able to watch the GOT broadcast on HBO abroad, with a VPN.

On HBO in Spain and on HBO go Spain, you can also watch or analyze how to watch HBO in a lot of good content. I already mentioned some good series in this article. But there is much more! I recently saw (for the second time) the series Oz and Six Feet Under. I have a bad tendency to watch the full series in marathon… To enjoy it, you need a subscription to the HBO and Fastest VPN.

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