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9 Real Robots That Help in Different Ways

Robots are no longer the stories of fantasy and science fiction. They are no longer the creations only found in movies. In fact, robots have been used in many different applications to help with military operations, public infrastructure, and so much more. They have healthcare applications and can aid in manufacturing as well. Robots walk among us and provide very tangible benefits. Here are 9 real robots that are used today in places all over the world.

Sarcos Remote Surveillance Robot

Want to use robots for public safety, Hazmat situations, and inspections? The Sarcos remote surveillance robot is one of many different technologies available to help. With public and private applications, these robots can see where no man can—or would want to—go. They can be used to inspect lines, roll into Hazmat situations, and even relay critical intelligence when needed. These robots are small and stealthy to help reduce any further risk of damage.


These vacuums have been around for a while. They help homeowners manage their cleaning needs, while they sleep. One of the biggest challenges has been in creating Roomba’s that could sense obstacles that they shouldn’t try to vacuum up. Newer models are now designed to avoid things like animal feces and urine. Have you ever woken up to a mess created by your Roomba? They are getting smarter.

Military Robots

Robots have been used in military applications for years. One of their first used was to defuse bombs. This protected military personnel who no longer had to worry about getting blown up because the process went wrong. Robots have been critical for other military needs as well. Now robots are being deployed to some borders around the world to help protect and keep people safe from invaders. In Israel, robots will be used to patrol borders in some areas.

9 Real Robots That Help in Different Ways

Right now, hospitals and care facilities depend on people to lift patients in and out of beds. The Robear is a high-tech teddy bear that is designed to do this heavy lifting instead. This creates a safer work environment for nurses and other care providers and gives more autonomy to patients. Patients no longer need to rely on nursing staff for those tasks, but can have Robear help instead.

Robot Dog

Do you love owning a pet, but hate the messes that come with it? What about the lack of freedom when you can’t go anywhere? Robot dogs provide companionship, help and more. Instead of waiting on a seeing eye dog to become available, blind people can leverage technology and use a seeing eye robot dog instead. These can be equipped with sensors to pick up on dangers and so much more.

Remote Robots

With simulation technology combined with robot tech, workers in certain industries can perform many tasks remotely. You no longer need to be there in person to get things done. Some remote robots also have applications in medicine. The doctor can guide and direct robotic tools to perform surgeries without being there. This reduces the risk of human error and means that people are no longer at the mercy of steady hands.

Workplace Robots

If you thought you couldn’t be replaced at work, think again. These realistic robots are capable of performing many basic tasks. It can answer phones, accept payments and so much more. Workplace robots can cost up to $50,000 making it an affordable investment for many employers. These robots may need maintenance, but they won’t need healthcare plans or other benefits. For the cost of a years’ salary, these robots could be coming to replace your job.

Delivery Robots

What if a robot could deliver packages to your home? With Starship Technologies, this is a real thing. These robots are designed to deliver parcels within a 2-mile radius. They quickly and accurately leave parcels and papers at your door. With a weather resistant body, your packages are safe from rain and snow while in transit.

Caring Robots

While the movie Big Hero Six featured a pretend care robot, they are now a real thing. Samsung showcased a robot that can help you with basic household needs, check heart rate and oxygen levels, and even call for help in an emergency. These have incredible applications when it comes to home health care and keeping seniors in their homes safely for longer.

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