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5 Advantages of Custom Application Development

As an application developer, you may agree that there is no such thing as perfectly designed software. Every product is unique and has its own peculiarities. Therefore, it requires some specific solutions when it comes to successful business management and efficient application performance. Utilizing off-the-shelf software may be less expensive, but it is not always this way. Software intended for mass production is designed to meet a wide range of general needs. It does not take into account peculiar characteristics and weak sides of this very product; it is universally applicable. On the other hand, if you order custom mobile development services, you become the owner of a tailored product that ideally suits your application.

The choice between custom and off-the-shelf software is not difficult at all if you are focused on promoting your app and providing users with high-quality products. It can be compared to the necessity to choose either a beautiful powerful car of your dream or its cheaper, less desired equivalent. The level of satisfaction and efficiency is completely different. For this reason, there is a need to find out the most significant dissimilarities between the two types of software.

Differences Between Custom and Off-the-shelf Software

The main difference becomes obvious when a developer wants to design a unique and innovative application and make it work according to special prescriptions. In this situation, off-the-shelf software fails to fulfill all functions that are required. It is created to perform only a set of basic functions. The best solution is addressing custom application software able to manage specific problems and provide app users with the ultimate utilization experience.

5 Advantages of Custom Application Development

It goes without saying that every type of software has its own advantages and drawbacks. You have to explore potential benefits brought by each type and make a considerate and conscious decision. In this article, we will have a look at the 5 most advantageous characteristics of custom software development.

1. High level of data security

This option is the most prominent one for large organizations that work with personal data. Off-the-shelf products cannot boast of significant security levels as they may be easily exploited by hackers. In the process of the development of a tailored product, data encryption and multiple security measures are involved to eliminate risks and interventions.

2. Stable relationships with customers

Despite the type of your application, its main aim is to appear useful and user-friendly to every customer. A personalization strategy is the best tool for achieving this goal. With the help of this function, you may analyze the preferences of clients and make ideal suggestions. Besides, customized programs lead to better collaboration and quicker service as they are multifunctional.

3. Time-saving while being utilized

Time is a rather controversial characteristic of customized application development. At the initial stage, it may turn out to be the biggest disadvantage. Being based on an individual approach, the development of necessary software may take weeks and even months. A really long period is required to perform a detailed analysis before going to the next stage. But profits definitely outweigh the period of waiting. It results in rarely appearing future problems and better customer service.

4. Relatively expensive cost

No doubt a tailored product will always require larger sums of investments than its off-the-shelf rivals. This happens because of the bigger number of involved sources and tools. The price usually depends on the desired project size, type, and tools available on a free or paid basis. The money spent on development will pay back in the form of satisfied clients.

5. Belonging to one company

Giving preference to bespoke applications, you become one and only possessor. It means that you gain absolute control and responsibility for this product. It can be scaled easily with the growth of your organization and improved in the way you need. As an owner, you will not face the situation when off-the-shelf software is not available anymore or the license costs too much.

In Conclusion

The world changes every day, with the tendency to personalize. More and more companies are inclined to consider customization to be not an exception but a recently established norm. The outlined advantages prove this idea and allow everyone to enjoy trouble-free custom application development.


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