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Effect of Technology on boosting business productivity

The one object which has changed the way our world evolved is technology along with the innovation it had managed to create. In the 21st century, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you the way businesses are managed for it’s all because of technology due to which we see so much progress and advancement in the world of business.

In the fast moving world of business the technological system and devices play a very important role in the management of information, business processes and services especially Information technology which is utilized to handle machines and telecommunications network which is required to transfer, control and operate data. This had a lot of effect in increasing business productivity with the help of product innovation, improvement of process and new employee’s skills.

Below described are a few ways in which technology has helped businesses to gain optimal gain:




The way the digital system has improved is the files which are transferred by digital means i.e. through email and internet which has helped us to transfer data, information and facilitate the communication while minimizing costs. An example of this is that one can use emails which helps us transfer large amount of data and help us communicate to our business partners and customers within seconds as compared in the past where traditional email along with face to face communication and interaction was necessary. This has saved time and cost and helped gain business globally maximizing business profits and improving business relations abroad.




The best advantage of technology has been allowing the customers globally to find information about the product they want to buy and helped them to make their purchases while sitting at home. Beside that the customer today is more educated and involved about the product he wants to buy by having complete information about the product features it wants to purchase online.




Another benefit of information technology in this era has been the way things have been simplified by ways how customers interact with business i.e. customer support services which has brought the concept of online help and support chat services for e.g. if a customer faces any issue about being knowledgeable about the product or Is troubled after the product purchase then it’s the business support system which makes sure to leave the customer satisfied which is a very important factor for businesses to expand worldwide.




One important concept that companies need to be very careful is that it’s no doubt true that the correct implementation of Information technology can be very beneficial for businesses but they need to be aware to select the right technology for their respective industry and in the training of their employee for making wrong choice can badly damage or minimize profits, production and employee morale. Therefore, it’s very important for businesses to make good decision related to IT system implementation sensibly.


In the end, one can just conclude that history has proved the way technology has allowed businesses to improve themselves by increasing profits and expanding business internationally, but even today economists and owners of top companies and business have the same point of view that doing business is all about risk i.e. using or implementing the correct resources be it man power, technological machines effectively for then only your business can gain maximum output.


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