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Top 7 Money Making Apps In 2019

If you are like most people who spend about four hours a day on their cell phone playing games or watching video games, why not spend this time usefully?

There are so many money making apps you can install and get paid for doing simple things like completing surveys and clicking photographs in your free time.

Instead of just visiting and scrolling down sites, it’s time to scroll and use apps to earn money online. Are you interested?

Here are the top 7 apps to earn money online this year

  • Foap

This is an ideal app for aspiring photographers and videographers. You just have to download the app and start uploading and selling your photos and videos through your online portfolio.

You get paid whenever an agency, brand or other user buy your work. While you share your profits 50/50 with Foap, you can earn substantially when your photos sell numerous times. Foap also holds Missions where you are paid in hundreds for photos submitted for these specific projects.

  • Callmart

Callmart is an interesting conversation-based money making an app that pays you for your services to others. It runs on both Android and iOS and you start using it upon signing up and listing the services you can offer.

You can decide on how much you charge per minute for your advice and also decide on the timings to be called. This is an especially great money making app for native speakers where you are paid for speaking in your mother tongue to students who want to learn the language.

It’s even useful for influencers because it helps them personally connect with their followers. You can earn a sizable amount while you work from home in your free time, and you are paid as soon as the call ends.

Callmart is a really flexible additional income source where you get to determine how much you want to earn, your rates, your timings and even how much of information you want to sell. You will have to pay a service fee, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that you benefit so much from it!

  • Acorns

If you like trying your luck in the share market, then you should try the money making app Acorns. Download the app and link it to your bank account so that whenever you make a purchase Acorns rounds up the purchase to the next dollar.

It then automatically invests whatever spare change you have in a portfolio of ETFs spread across various stocks and bonds. All it takes is an investment of $5 a day for recurring investments to watch your portfolio grow.

  • IPoll

This is a popular paid survey money-making app that you can start using upon providing some personal information. You then have to complete a few missions or surveys and cash it out at the site.

You may not always earn cash but instead you stand to earn rewards like airline miles and gift cards. These gifts can be useful to a big shopper and frequent flier.

  • Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and for those who need that extra motivation to start exercising. It’s because once you download it, you are paid for the number of steps you take. The only hitch here is that you are not paid in cash, but in cryptocurrency, or bitcoin as you know it.

You just have to download the app and keep it running all the time. You then earn 0.95 Sweatcoins for 1000 steps taken. Collect as many sweatcoins as you can to redeem them for goods like an iPhone and even vacations. Hardcore fitness enthusiasts can make more money through this app because they work out the most everyday.

  • Cash Magnet

This is an app that pays you for downloading and running the app, and you are later paid through PayPal or Amazon. There’s no need to download other apps, watch ads or play games to earn money.

  • Vestly

This is a trade game app where though you buy and trade stocks using virtual money, you end up winning real money. This is a great app to practice the art of trading and also to earn some quick money.


Instead of just whiling your time away playing games on your Smartphone it’s time you did something productive through it. You choose and download some of these money making apps to work at home and earn some easy money.

There is no limit to the number of apps you download. The more you use the more additional income sources you have. With a few apps installed you can earn money while doing everyday work like walking, talking to friends and giving advice and while buying everyday groceries and staples.

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