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Virtual Try-on: The Fashion Industry’s Future?

With e-commerce fashion sales expected to double by 2022, tech-savvy consumers will soon see digital solutions as a necessity rather than a luxury.

Along with changing consumer demands, the store of the future will differ significantly from what we are accustomed to. People would think twice about the things they buy, and massive inventory levels of stock on the shop floor will give rise to new, tech-driven interactions, such as online fitting rooms, with augmented reality at the leading edge.

According to Statista, the augmented reality market is expected to reach nearly $200 billion by 2025, up from $3.5 billion in 2017. When combined with 3D body scanning, AR technology will enable innovations such as virtual try-on technology, which 3D Insights predicts will revolutionize the online shopping experience.

Mastering the Virtual Dressing Room with 3D Virtual Fitting Technology

Virtual try-on technology enables customers to try clothes by their size, fit, and style without having to physically wear them. When consumers capture themselves by a camera-equipped gadget, the core AR technology overlays a photorealistic visualization of the product over their real photo to show how the object would appear on the clients’ bodies.

Customers today consider emerging solutions to be a necessity rather than a luxury, and they want to be able to try on items online via a virtual fitting room, regardless of their location.

Body Labs, an Amazon-owned business, has developed a “blended reality system” that allows customers to see themselves wearing virtual clothing in a digital location such as a seashore or a formal event.

Similarly, 3DLOOK’s YourFit product, an integrated solution that unites virtual try-on with size and fit recommendations, is the first and only of its kind. Unlike previous methods that crudely insert a photo of a clothing item over the buyer’s photo, the 2-in-1 solution is unique in its capacity to provide an output that not only looks realistic but also precisely reproduces the shopper’s measurements. Brands can choose to include stand-alone try-on or size and fit recommendations, or they can use the solution’s full capabilities.

For fashion enterprises, the advantages of a virtual dressing room are also numerous. Virtual clothing try on technology can ease many of the concerns faced by the fashion industry today, such as fit issues, high return rates, and the related environmental effect, by allowing clients to make more conscious purchasing decisions.

Leading Brands Pioneering the Use of Virtual Try on Tools

Brands are beginning to investigate the potential of 3D virtual fitting technology to boost sales, increase conversions, and improve the customer experience. Gucci, for example, employs augmented reality to enable customers to try on sneakers via the Gucci app or Snapchat. Customers can see how a shoe would look from different angles by directing their smartphone camera at their feet.

Kohl’s, a U.S. retail chain, has initiated the Kohl’s Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Closet through a similar partnership with Snapchat. Customers can use their smartphone to view a virtual selection of jeans, t-shirts, and shirts, combine items to generate stylish outfits, and try on a select range of Levi’s clothes. Customers can use the Virtual Closet to get a perception of how a product would look on their body and order the products without leaving the app.

3DLOOK provides a comparable solution. Instead of just browsing photos of clothes on models, 3DLOOK’s YourFit allows customers to see lifelike modeling of how clothes will fit and look on themselves. Just select a clothes item on the e-commerce product page and find a widget on a product page for fast and easy scanning with a smartphone camera. The solution then shows how the product would look on the individual and what size would match best, providing brands the rare opportunity to offer an authentic dressing room experience without having to visit the store.

Overall, leading clothing retailers are now experiencing the potential of augmented reality technology. Virtual try-on technology, which combines the ability to see and try products online, provides a new experience that improves efficiency for customers while strengthening the profit margins for businesses.

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