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What are the different types of TikTok advertisements that you can engage with?

TikTok is extremely successful among Generation Z and has been growing its audience all over the world. Online brand marketers have been waiting for the platform’s ads to connect with their audience.

Recently, TikTok has introduced ads as a beta-test option which has the potential to grow the app’s market. It is widely used in western countries allowing them to increase their brand value.

Biddable Ads

Most of the social media apps have some sort of biddable ads where anyone can set up and run their ads. This is an excellent opportunity for business owners to run the advertisements by themselves. As we know, TikTok is a video-based social network, where ads in the form of video clips are natural. The minimum amount required to start advertising is $500.=

TikTok advertisement varieties and their performance model

● CPC (cost per clicks)

● CPM ads

● CPV (cost per views)

You can choose the target audience depending on age, gender, location, etc. TikTok has three other ad formats, which would require a bigger budget.

Brand Takeover

This sort of ads will appear when the TikTok is opened. Your advertisement can also redirect users to the website or a video you like. The use of a brand takeover advertisement is limited to once per day per advertisement. For example, Grubhub used these ads to install their mobile application during the testing phase of the feature. To purchase TikTok views visit Freetiktok, where you get numerous people to view and get engage with your page.

Hashtag Challenge

A hashtag challenge is an entirely user-generated content that is used to challenge other users. This favors the users to generate and share the content with the use of the app.

Branded Lenses

Ιdentically to Instagram and Snapchat, branded lenses in TikTok use face filters that encourage other users to spread branded content. There are more than 2.6 million daily adult users. This type of advertisement has grown rapidly in the app. World’s largest brands are choosing TikTok as an instrument to target the audience through influencers and creative lenses.

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