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A Guide To Lace Front Wigs

The latest trend in frontals is lace. They’re versatile, and they look like they’re growing from your scalp thanks to the flawless look. Closures can be distinguished by the fact that they are used to emulate the natural width of the hairline, while frontals are used for resembling the length.

Whether you are wearing raw indian hair wig, weaves, or natural hair extensions, lace frontals and closure pieces from aliexpress hair wig vendors can complete your look. It is, however, sometimes difficult to determine which option is the best. 

Our Frontal lace wig and closure wigs will walk you through the decision of whether to go with a frontal or closure. Our guide provides you with the details you need about lace closures and frontals, as well as the pros and cons.

Lace Frontals: What Are They?

The lace frontal hairpiece comes with a sew-in or a bonded installation. You can use lace frontals on wigs and hair extensions to give them a more natural appearance. They usually cover your hairline ear to ear and are between 4 and 13 inches across. As a result of its flexibility, it allows you to experiment with different hairstyles, including side parts, ponytails, and center parts.

Why You Should Wear Lace Frontals

1. It Takes Less Time to Install Lace Frontals

Unlike sew-in natural hair extensions, lace frontals take less time to install than sew-on natural hair extensions. The average installation time for lace frontal wigs or extensions with frontals is less than an hour. It usually takes around 2 – 4 hours to install sew-in natural hair extensions like ponytails. For modern women, lace frontals are a great protective option to protect their natural curls and spend less time getting ready.

2. Your Hair Can Be Styled However You Like With Lace Frontals

You can style lace frontal hairpieces, such as ponytails, middle parts, or side parts, however, you want. Versatility is just one of the perks of wearing lace frontal hairpieces. You have the freedom to style your hair as you like with lace frontals because they mimic your natural hairline. Your own natural hair is almost styled!

Lace fronts: Pros and Cons

1. Lace frontals can damage the hairline

Glue or lace tape is usually used to affix lace frontal wigs. Retouching is not needed for two to four weeks. If you wear your lace frontals for a long period of time, you can create irritation to your scalp, damage your hairline or cause the edges of the lace to break off.

2. A Lace Frontal Can Take a Lot of Time and Effort

To achieve the natural look of lace frontal wigs, a considerable amount of tweaking is necessary upon the first installation. To achieve a realistic hairline, you must bleach the knots of your wig, tweeze, tint, pluck or trim baby hairs, and install the wig properly. In order to achieve a more natural appearance and better results, it can be necessary to maintain a sew-in lace frontal extension. Instead, lace frontal wigs give you a natural look with fewer styling steps.

3. Frontals Made of Lace are More Expensive

The cost of ordering lace frontals is higher than that of ordering lace closures due to their realistic, natural appearance. Although it needs fewer raw Indian bundles, the versatility of the lace frontal, which can be styled in any desired way, will explain why its price has increased.

Lace frontals: how to install them

Lace Closures Have The Pros

1. Lace Closures are Easy to Maintain

With lace closure hairpieces, you don’t need much experience in order to care for and maintain them, unlike sew-in lace frontal wigs. Lace closure wigs and extensions require the least amount of work: they simply need to be washed, conditioned, and styled. During the day, lace closure wigs and extensions are taken off and put back on the next day.

3. You Can Protect Your Hair With Lace Closures

You can blend your weave’s texture and color with your natural hair using lace closures. Your hair does not need to be dyed or heated in order to match your weave. Rather than dying your hair, you would only dye your weave and closure. This would be a much safer method since no hair would be dyed. It is possible to experiment with various styles and colors by wearing a lace closure with little or no damage to your hair.

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