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Review Gb Whatsapp ios Latest Version

WhatsApp users around the world are on the rise following the discovery of Facebook. In addition, the given features are evolving from the delivery of different media to a more attractive level. Unfortunately, the features that WhatsApp currently has are still considered incomplete. Over time, the use of GB WhatsApp is being used as an alternative

Third-party applications are preferred by third parties for privacy and security reasons. If you use regular WhatsApp, opening a secret is easy and sometimes annoying. The same thing happens with security, such as conversations that can be easily opened until there is a risk of data being stolen.

Learn About the Different Features of GBWhatsapp ios

GB uses the WhatsApp app as it has many features that complement the standard version of WhatsApp. If you use it, make good use of the interesting features below so that messaging and media ideas work in a fun way.

Unlimited Articles

Traditional WhatsApp themes often have no limits, it is a general theme and a dark theme. If you use GB WhatsApp, you can use many different designs and it is genuine.

So, if you feel lonely in a general subject, you can replace it with other topics that already exist there.

GBWA users can create their own plans and share them with other users. In short, the number of articles in this application is unlimited. Whenever you need a new topic, search immediately, download and compare generously.

Manage Multiple Accounts

One of the most common drawbacks of widely used WhatsApp usage is the limit of a single account on a single phone. So, even if there are two cards in the cell, only one can be used.

Although you can manage both accounts, you need to install an application to change usage even if your phone is heavy. If you use GBWA, the system can do it all in one place.

You need to enter the requested data and the app can be used to move message management continuously. You no longer need to buy a new cell phone to get two accounts online.

Sending Large Files

WhatsApp deliberately reduces the size of files sent by users in order to maintain and prevent the instantaneous transmission of data.

Usually only for a few MB audio notes. Also, for data in track format, it remains the same. No big data found, so you should email if you’ve busy.

With the use of the GB WhatsApp app, such a thing will not happen, because the limit for sending video data is up to 50 MB. Meanwhile, for audio data up to 100 MB. This number is too large considering that the average usage does not go to that number.

In addition, it is important to send information about the situation, especially those related to video. While the videos that appear in the video are usually only 30 seconds long, the GBWA process can take up to 7 minutes.

Hide Message Status

There are generally three types of messaging in WhatsApp. First, check that the WhatsApp owner’s cell phone is not working.

Both signs indicate that the message was received, but not read. Three blue ticks indicate that the recipient has received and read the message.

For some people, texting is considered dangerous in situations like this, especially when they do not want to talk. Rather than getting into trouble with others, it is better to hide the situation. If you do not see the terms but open it. You can also hide the status of the “text”.


Increases Media Number

The number of media that sent photos simultaneously is often unlimited. You cannot send up to 50 photos at a time.

 Since there are 10 delays in place, you can send the first 10 photos and resubmit them until they run out. If you do not have a lot of time, posting a little at a time can be a problem.

GB WhatsApp app changes by allowing you to send multiple photo notes sent simultaneously. From previous tests, the number of photos that can be sent simultaneously is 90. So, I want to submit

To Add a Key or Key

Not everyone likes to enter a key or password on their cell phone. Messaging services like WhatsApp are secure but can be accessed by other people.

 Over time, discussions that are considered important are known. Even if you want to keep it. However, it does not lock open.

If you use standard apps, you are less likely to lock messages or apps directly. However, if you use GBWA, everything can be done easily. Applications can be locked and important messages will not be known or read by others.

Download Status and Download

Have you ever found a friend’s condition like a post or quote? However, due to the lack of download and download features, they were forced to contact the owner to share it directly. Also, not everyone is always looking for their cell phones if you answer immediately.

With the GBWA app, you can copy the status of interesting friends and share it directly with your status. Alternatively, interesting content, such as a poster or video, can be saved on a cell phone.

Download more :

Reply with Spam Messages

GBWA has the ability to respond automatically when you set up messages. For example, an instant message answers all incoming conversations after 10 pm and notifies you that the owner is asleep or resting. This is okay if you are really busy and don’t have to worry.

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