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Everything You Need To Know About Car Brake Boosters

A brake booster is an overlooked yet vital automotive component of our car. Brake boosters allow you to easily break your car as and when required saving you from accidents and collisions. But quite often we do not have enough information about this auto part and how to make sure it is working properly.

Thus, in this article, we will walk you through the meaning, types, functions, and workings of a brake booster. You will also learn about various symptoms that can alert you that the brake booster of your car is malfunctioning and might need to be changed.

What does a Brake Booster mean? 

A brake booster is the auto part that is used to increase the force put on a brake pedal while transporting it to stop the master cylinder. These brake boosters are most commonly found in cars that use hydraulic brakes. Automobiles with pressurized air systems do not use brake boosters. 

A brake booster is a vital automotive that is important for the smooth functioning of your brakes. If your brake booster ever gets damaged and needs replacing, you can check out the brake boosters from boodmo.com. You will find the best quality brake boosters of various types that are well-suited for your car and are available at affordable rates. 

Types of Brake Boosters

There are mainly 3 different types of brake boosters that are fitted between the master cylinder and the brake pedal of your automobile. 

These 3 types of brake boosters are –

  • Vacuum Pump- Some automobiles like hybrid automobiles, electric automobiles, diesel engine using vehicles, and vehicles with turbo-charged engines use vacuum pumps as brake boosters. Brake boosters are used in automobiles that are found in the higher altitudes as naturally aspirated automobiles are unable to produce a vacuum to pump the brake booster. Vacuum pumps can be operated via the engine by driving mechanically or with the help of an electric motor. 
  • Hydraulic Brake Boosters- Hydraulic brake boosters do not use vacuum pressure like the other two. It directly applies hydraulic pressure that is generated by the power steering pump. 
  • Vacuum Brake Boosters – Vacuum brake boosters are most commonly found in automobiles. In naturally-aspirated petrol engines, it uses the engine vacuum to increase the pressure applied on the brake pedal

You will find all these types of brake boosters from Boodmo. Not only will these brake boosters be of the best quality, but they also will be available at the best possible rates. 

How does a common Brake Booster work? 

The most commonly used brake booster is the vacuum brake booster. This type of brake booster consists of two chambers with a diaphragm in the middle. While some boosters contain one diaphragm, some automobiles with larger sizes contain a tandem diaphragm. 

The two chambers of the brake booster are linked to two different objects – one chamber with the brake pedal and one with the master cylinder. A single rod runs from the brake pedal to the master cylinder via a hole at the center of the diaphragm. 

When one presses down on the brake pedal of the car, the following actions take place –

  • Air passes into the engine causing the chambers to experience pressure drop, thus giving rise to a vacuum. 
  • When you press down the brake pedal, the rod moves forward, opening up an air valve.
  • Atmospheric pressure gets created when air gets sucked into the brake pedal chamber and a one-way booster check valve makes sure the air does not enter the vacuum space.
  • There occurs a difference in pressure between the chambers that leads to a pull on the diaphragm from the vacuum in the master cylinder chamber. 
  • The diaphragm pulls on the rod as it passes the force from the brake pedal to the master cylinder piston.
  • These various forces allow you to use your brakes, stopping your car easily with one touch. 

Symptoms that your Brake Booster needs to change 

You should know how to detect that there are some damages to your brake booster and it needs changing. The most common symptoms are –

  • Stiff Brake Pedal
  • Increase in Brake Distance
  • Higher Brake Pedal
  • Encounter a Hissing Sound
  • Failure in Engine Function
  • Engine Warning Light Turns on 
  • Leak of Fluid
  • Overheating of Hydro-boosting
  • Failure in Power Steering 

If you encounter any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you might need to change your brake boosters. You can check our brake booster from boodmo where you can find various types of brake boosters for your car at affordable rates.


Thus from the above information, we can conclude that the brake booster is a vital auto part for your automobile. They are a necessary automotive as it allows you to effectively break your car as and when required. Thus you should take special care of it, regularly putting it up for servicing or getting it completely changed if extensively damaged. 

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