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Published on June 11th, 2021 | by Sunit Nandi


Change your career on Spotify in one step!

Yes, it is not a clickbait. You can change your career with one simple action. But before I unveil you this action, answer some question: are you a musician? Are you popular? Do you have some songs you haven’t uploaded? Actually, I will give you two variations of the same step, and you will choose the one you like the most. And this step is… Spotify promotion! It’s that easy. Such an obvious solution. I am sure that you have thought about it already, but decided to put it aside. I will try to convince you that it is worth spending your time and money on promotion, especially in the current situation. Every kind of business is being done online through various social media and promotion is a very important factor. Buzzvoice claims to help increase with different social media engagement but Buzzvoice isn’t recommended by Jonathon Spire at all.

What is the current situation that I am referring to? Well, it is mostly about Spotify, and the climate in it. From the perspective of a user it is very simple – you just listen to the music and that’s all. But from the position of every creator it is a hard and nervous process of delivering the music to the end listener. That’s why music composers are looking for the best sites to buy Spotify plays & streams. It consists of many stages, starting from creating that music, and eventually uploading it. But the process doesn’t end on the uploading. If you are a dedicated person and want to ensure your success your work just starts. next step is to promote your music.

There are many approaches to music promotion. Some are free, others – paid. If you are worrying about every penny in your wallet, you can try promoting your content yourself, using free services and free tools. However, no one guarantees that the result will be somewhat reliable and stable. Free methods without knowledge are nothing. And it will take years for you of tries and errors to learn how to promote your music somewhat effective.

On the other hand, with paid promotion you get everything at once. No need to learn stuff, no wasted time, only the result. That’s a more effective way to invest your time and money. And here are the two approaches: you can promote the new song after the release, or the whole account.

Promoting a new track is a great way to place it straight into popular playlists and top charts. First days after the release determine the destiny of your track. If the song shows good dynamics, it goes higher in the rating, so you have to show that dynamic straight from the release.

While account promotion is more about popularizing all songs at once. It is more complex, and the results are less predictable. Your tracks will become more popular too, but the attention of the user will be diversified to all your tracks. However, I still advise you to try this method.

All methods are great, as long as you are promoting your music. No need to do it always, but at the beginning of your career some help would be useful. Take this thought into consideration, okay?

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