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Best Salesforce Chrome Extensions

If you are familiar with the CRM universe, you have almost certainly come across Salesforce and all of its impressive functionalities at some stage.

Salesforce’s performance in delivering an unrivaled consumer experience, like that of every other SaaS-based approach, is dependent on the application’s adaptability to the browser being used by the customers.

A wide array of tools and add-ons, exceptional performance, and accuracy in results make salesforce the best customer relationship management tool for all business types. Our team of salesforce professionals helps you in availing the most suitable salesforce services and helping you take your business to another level.

Salesforce is well equipped with several chrome extensions for streamlining your web-based procedures making it the best among all CRMs.

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Even though Salesforce is compatible with the most current updates of all major browsers, Google Chrome has still been the default browser for Salesforce. Apart from becoming the world’s most popular browser, Google still dominates most day-to-day functions, such as search, marketing, SEO, and email services.

Google, like Salesforce, has suites that appeal to both B2B and B2C needs. And if a business would not use G-Suite, Google Chrome is the most widely available browser. Whatever Salesforce job you have, there is a good chance you are still using the Google Chrome browser to handle Salesforce.

Salesforce, Google, and other third-party firms have come up with a few cool Salesforce Chrome plugins that further optimize the interface by doing so. These extensions save a lot of time and clicks. The best Salesforce Chrome Extensions are included below, and the list is predicted to continue to expand in the future.

Salesforce Extension for Gmail

Gmail to Salesforce incorporation is a free Salesforce enhancement that allows you to interact through your Salesforce documents in your Gmail program directly.

You will focus on Salesforce information (records, contact data, meeting dates, description, and more) and create users to log contacts with Salesforce directly from the Gmail program\ using this extension.

To take advantage of this expansion, all you must do is allow Salesforce to Gmail integration in your account. After that, all you must do now is install this chrome extension, and you are ready to go.

Salesforce Debugging Extensions

Put an end to time-consuming Debugging rituals. Here are some of the latest Salesforce Chrome plugins that will reintroduce you to the joys of debugging.

Put an end to time-consuming debugging sessions. These extensions can streamline and boost tasks such as updating malfunction logs and resolving errors.

Motiko’- Apex Debugger

This Salesforce Chrome plugin simplifies the process of debugging Apex code. Shift + w somewhere in Salesforce can pull up your logs. From there, you can easily browse through the most recent logs, filter them to reduce debugging noise, and remove them.

Advanced Code Searcher for Salesforce

This is a free service developed by a third-party organization that significantly simplifies the lives of developers. This tool makes it easier to locate Apex groups, Apex causes, Lightning components, VF components, and other Apex components around your instance.

Not just that, however, you can use a simple click to switch to various classes, websites, triggers, and other code elements. This tool allows you to render your code shorter and fix problems/errors quicker than the standard procedure, allowing you to operate with fewer pages/tabs.

Colorful Favicons with Salesforce

This is a standard Chrome update that replaces normal Salesforce favicons with colored variants, allowing you to browse through several tabs in Salesforce. This also makes it easy to navigate through windows when operating on various settings by highlighting Sandboxes with a different color.


This is a newer extension that has recently gained attention. This app allows you to grab data from a Facebook post, social network, website, or other source and enter it into Salesforce as a lead. While this tool supports other CRM systems, it has recently become a common one for Salesforce extensions.


Organizer allows you to save passwords for several occasions and switch between tabs and Orgs without losing your position. This tool is handy for users who operate on several Orgs/versions and constantly switch between them, as it enables you to bookmark links and redirect to them as required.

Helper with Salesforce Change Sets

ChangeSet Helper is a free third-party application that assists you with managing changesets in Salesforce. You can use it to browse, scan, order, and even compare changesets across multiple Orgs.

Page Optimizer for the Salesforce Group

This is a free Salesforce platform that assists you in analyzing, developing, and improving the efficiency of your Lightning application. This tool evaluates the lightning-based community/apps and suggests ways to enhance the overall user experience.

Monitor the noise level.

Chatter Monitor is a free Chrome plugin that allows you to use your Salesforce chatter account directly from your tab, bypassing the need for Chatter for Desktop. This extension will enable you to conduct all acts, such as seeing, mentioning, searching, and making suggestions.

Google Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Workbench

You may use this app to log into Workbench directly from your Salesforce session. This eliminates the need for developers to switch between screens and log into Workbench several times while operating.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we looked at a few of the more common Salesforce Chrome plugins. There is a slew of new plugins on the market that render operating with Salesforce in Chrome even simpler.

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