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Published on May 28th, 2021 | by Ana Mayer


Best 5 tips on how to find new customers on TikTok

This new revolutionary video-sharing app, which hosts 1 Billion monthly active users and growing, is more than just social media. Recently, it has become a home for many bloggers, influencers who are actively promoting their own or someone else’s brands. At the same time, it is a home for numerous ordinary users who are there to follow someone, watch someone, and then, buy from someone.

This system catches the eyes and perks up the ears of many marketers and entrepreneurs. It has a huge potential, so no doubt there is so much interest gathering around it. One night and you wake up popular with a video that went viral there. Another day, you wake up and start selling from there.

While there are many tricks on how to blow off in popularity and get crazy views on TikTok, no one really shares how to make money there. This ultimate guide will give you many insights into monetization and capitalization you can receive out of your TikTok promotion.

Identify your potential customers

It may sound very banal but the reality speaks for itself. It is way easier to determine your real followers for TikTok first and apply an effective strategy to a particular group of people then. Otherwise, knowing little about your followers will make you end up penniless. And our goal here is to make money, isn’t it? This is a critically important step, so let’s start with it.

First what you might want to do is look at your existing customer base. Unless you start from scratch of course. If you draw a few lines among their buying habits and patterns, you will eventually have a nice curve. It can precisely show you what your followers’ main interests and motivators are.

TikTok is even more predictable than you are. It filters all content and generates a « For you » page in such a way that matches people’s preferences. Technically, it does a half of the job for you, the next is your call. You can use different techniques to identify your potential customers. Whether in the form of polls, questionnaires or statistics. After figuring out the key metrics like type of products, expenditures, content, demographic they relate to or chose most of the time, you will get to the understanding of what customers are yours and not?

If we want to find someone, we should know what we are looking for exactly, right? Identify your customers and once you are done with this move on to the next step.

Make a profile people want to buy from

Your profile is like a mirror of your brand. It needs to be engaging, active and interactive. When you enter a store with poor interior and unfriendly staff, you are less likely to purchase from there. Your TikTok profile works with the same concept. You need to share exclusively excellent content there in order to find customers.

Firstly, you should plan out your feed (colors, themes, headlines). Then comes a video creation process where you need to apply your best skills in writing, filming, video editing. If you think yours are not good enough, don’t worry and contact professional writers from Write My Paper. If you are like «I don’t know how to put words together for my new TikTok » video or «I want to find someone who can write my research paper for me », just ask for help from them.

Also, upload a wonderful eye-catching profile picture that shows your logo or your identity. At the same time, it should represent a particular feature or trademark of yours. That’s the easiest way to be remembered and chosen by the audience. The quality of video goes without saying. Not making appealing to the eyes video won’t bring you far on TikTok.

Communicate with your followers

If we speak shortly about what this platform is, it is a social network where you can exchange messages, host live broadcasts and create short videos. So, why don’t you use all of these features to your own benefit and pocket. After all, communication is one of the most common strategies to boost sales.

Sometimes, in order to gain recognition from the audience of this application, you need to put sales motivations away for a while and prioritize the entertainment of subscribers. Whether using humor, dances, challenges, vines or other fun content types, you will get an incredible level of customer loyalty.

Moreover, you can also maintain a conversation with your existing and future customers through likes, follows, live chat, direct messages and comments. It’s vital to exchange mutual interesting vibes with your target customers on TikTok. Making money via apps is achievable primarily through communication of this kind.

Promote your account

TikTok is an app with impressive engagement, which means that you can grow your account and customer base, respectively, much faster than anywhere else. In addition to official advertising, there are other effective ways to promote your accounts:

  • Traffic from other accounts. If you already have branded or personal pages on other social networks, tell your subscribers on TikTok about it and make it clear that you can find alternative content there too.
  • Duets, collaborations. Unlike other common apps such as Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, here you can collaborate with other bloggers and create content with people you hardly know. Thus, create your own community and make useful connections.
  • Hashtags. Proper selection of hashtags can give a higher chance for your publication to get to the top. Use them to let a larger audience to learn about the account
  • Trends. As in any other social network, you have to follow specific trends. That’s what makes accounts get promoted. TikTok offers you a whole bundle of them related to certain music or filters, which makes this money-making process so fun.
  • Advertising from bloggers. Mentioning a page in promoted accounts is an effective way to quickly find a large audience. This way you can grow a number of your followers and, later, turn them into buyers.

Track your progress throughout the entire journey

Finally, it is essential to track your efficiency regarding customer acquisition. Thanks to statistics feature for business accounts you can access all the basic data you need.

For example, in the “Content” section of TikTok analytics, you can see your videos analyzed in detail (most recently posted videos, from oldest to newest, in the last 7 days; or popular videos)

Similarly, you can get information on the accounts that follow you: the number of subscribers, the distribution of the audience by gender, location, age. Also there are charts of durability when your subscribers are most active in this section. Keeping an eye on that will let you understand your customers more and move further more progressively.

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