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5 Digital Services That Can Improve Your Business

It’s no secret that business in today’s world is highly competitive and demanding, requiring business owners to put in more effort to stay relevant. Thankfully, there are numerous technologies modern entrepreneurs can utilize to run their enterprises more efficiently.

Also, business owners can rely on many essential digital services to enhance their operations in one way or another. A digital service is any offering delivered via an electronic network or the internet, requiring little or no human intervention. Here are five prime examples of digital services worth considering to improve your business.

1. An eCommerce Platform

Many business experts agree that eCommerce platforms can help modern-day businesses in several ways. These platforms allow you to expand your customer base far beyond your brick-and-mortar store’s confines, helping you sell to clients worldwide. An eCommerce platform also enhances brand visibility, so many new customers can quickly become aware of your company. Additionally, you can offer better and more personalized service to patrons thanks to these ecommerce providers. If you’re an eCommerce business, partnering with expert digital accountants can help you stay on top of all your accounting tasks and make your enterprise more efficient. Leading outsourced accounting and finance firms such as Fully Accountable can handle these concerns.

Fully Accountable offers eCommerce accounting services with digital expertise for a fraction of typical in-house costs. Their bookkeepers and eCommerce accountants are experienced in implementing fully managed solutions to large organizations and small business owners. You can obtain greater visibility into your online sales with better-managed cash flow, thanks to their CFO advisory services, cash flow management support, financial planning, optimized chart of accounts, and much more. Also, they can assist with daily, weekly, and monthly cash flow statement reports, allowing you to make vital financial decisions as your enterprise scales. They can also help with bank account reconciliation, monthly forecasting, and budgeting. What’s more, their eCommerce accounting services support a wide range of accounting software and platforms, including Xero, Shopify, and Quickbooks.

2. Cloud Storage Solutions

Entrepreneurs love cloud computing services because of the opportunities for innovation, scalability, and flexibility. Today, many enterprises employ cloud storage solutions in their operations, helping them store data and applications on secure, remote servers. DropBox and OneDrive are some leading cloud storage solutions that have become popular with an increasingly mobile workforce, irrespective of industry. Esteemed lawyers like Malliha Wilson are great examples of attorneys that use cloud storage solutions in the legal sector.

Malliha is a Tamil-Canadian litigator who was the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Ontario Government from 2008 to 2016. She got her undergraduate degree from Montreal’s McGill University and finished her law degree at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. Malliha was the Ontario Government’s Senior Appellate Litigation Counsel for over 30 years, participating in more than 20 notable cases at Ontario’s Appeal Court and Canada’s Supreme Court. Presently, she is Nava Wilson LLP’s senior counsel, specializing in constitutional, human rights, indigenous, corporate and labor law, and other complex litigation.

3. Social Media

Social media remains a powerful digital service in the modern business landscape that you can leverage for your company’s needs. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can offer your enterprise more visibility and are necessary for your social media marketing efforts. These days, you can also use social media sites like YouTube to provide more value to clients by creating channels, providing helpful content, and garnering subscribers to establish yourself as an industry authority. Trusted driver recruitment platforms such as FATj are good examples of companies in the transport sector using social media to grow their business.

FATj is a recruitment advertising platform for the logistics and transportation industry that helps trucking companies post job openings and recruit CDL drivers in a high-demand industry. Their CDL recruitment services allow you to access pre-qualified and reliable truck drivers who are ready to work for your organization. This way, you save your recruiters days of searching and interacting with unqualified candidates. FATj never sends your company CDL drivers who haven’t heard of your enterprise. Also, they ensure that candidates are the best fit for the specific markets and positions you’re hiring for, so your new hires are always the perfect solution to your needs. Furthermore, they have years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry. They’ve empowered more than 1,000 recruitment teams in organizations worldwide with tools and expertise that streamline their recruitment processes.

4. Search Engines

Navigating the internet without search engines is rare nowadays since many people rely on these platforms to search for whatever they need. Consequently, search engines have become essential to business processes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that companies are increasingly investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help their sites rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). As such, you can also leverage SEO practices to help your business become more visible. To boost your operational efficiency, you can also consider using the WorkBoard OKR software. WorkBoard users can easily create, share, and measure their OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to realize their company goals. Plus, WorkBoard’s OKR software also works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Jira integrations.

5. Websites

Websites are digital services that can also be of immense help to modern-day businesses. Sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Craigslist allow you to post job openings and recruit top talent into your company. Also, platforms like The Economist, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Business Insider are helpful websites that can offer the latest business updates and valuable insights on various business-related issues. As such, you can leverage the advice and tips obtained from these sites to enhance your operations and profitability. Lastly, websites like and Franchise Expo can help you locate promising franchise opportunities or advertise your franchise to potential buyers, helping you grow your business effectively.

To conclude, there are numerous digital services that modern entrepreneurs can rely on to grow their companies. Apart from an eCommerce platform, cloud storage solutions, search engines, and websites, there are countless more digital services your business can take advantage of. The points above are five key examples of such services worth considering to improve your business.

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