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3 ID Card Printer Buying Guide Tips

Every business needs a good ID card security system that works to keep all of its employees, assets, and business environment safe and secure. As technology progresses each day there are countless options for users when it comes to security software and the different options of ID cards associated with them. This is A Guide to Buying an ID Card Printer and making sure you can install, maintain, and print your employee’s ID cards in-house.

ID Card Volume – Cards Printed Per Year

One of the principal factors to consider when buying an ID card printer is how many cards you will print per year. ID card printers have a monthly service cycle that needs to be adopted rigorously. Avoid choosing an ID card printer that has a short duty cycle if you have a large number of ID cards produced monthly. Take into consideration all of the employees in your organization as well as the likelihood of printing ID cards for visitors.

Examine The Data Displayed On The Card

Buying the right ID card printer means deciding on exactly which features you need for your ID card printer. One of the fundamental choices you will have to make is whether you need a single-sided or dual-sided ID card printer. The structure of a basic ID card generally contains the cardholder’s name, photo, company logo, background design, employee ID, and possibly department name. The reverse side of the card usually only contains a barcode which can be read by connecting it to a computer.

Organizations that have a low print volume and not so much detailed information printed on their card can choose a single-sided ID card printer. A compact size will be more preferable and a single-sided ID card printer will be more functional and the economical choice. For organizations that print more than 500 cards per year, it would be wise to select a dual-sided ID card printer, also known as a duplex ID card printer. This will also allow the organization to enlist detailed information on the card based on their discretion.

Establish Security & Durability Interests

High security standards are crucial to organizations like hospitals, government organizations, and educational institutes. Card durability will have a much greater influence in choosing the right ID card printer for organizations like these. All of these organizations need reliable security policies and durable cards will help enforce those security standards. Cards with magnetic stripes or other card graphics will fade over time as they are swiped repeatedly through the card readers.

To successfully implement high-security credentials you need an ID card printer that is capable of detecting physical characteristics to prevent fraudulent activity. Try choosing an ID card printer that applies overlays to the ID card to protect it from the elements. On the contrary, avoid overlays if you want to update cards frequently instead of just issuing them once. An overlay is different from a laminate because it is a part of the card which is why it becomes durable instead of lamination.

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