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Why WordPress users should host their site using a VPS

It seems that every day more and more sites are being run by WordPress. The reason for that is logical in the sense that WordPress is, by far, the most versatile content management system out there. It doesn’t hurt that WP is free, and that’s another main talking point its users tend to spout. WordPress is updated frequently, and there are thousands of plugins and themes available to add functionality and beauty to your site.

The Hosting Of Your WP Site Can’t Be Overlooked

Too often, website owners overlook the importance of web hosting. The average person spends their time worrying about themes and plugins. Your site must look and function well, but the underlying issue is the type of hosting that you use. If you use a slow shared hosting account, no matter how pretty your site is, it’s not going to convert visitors into customers. People don’t want to sit around all day long while your site loads. Most traffic to your website will come from people using smartphones, and people on mobile devices won’t wait around for your pages to load. If someone lands on your WP site from Google and it doesn’t load quickly, they’ll hit the back button and visit another website. You do the same thing, and you shouldn’t expect people to behave differently.

The solution to all of your slow WordPress site issues is to use a VPS. Shared hosting isn’t the way to go because your pages will load slow. If you get a dedicated server, that won’t work right because it’ll be overkill. A dedicated server is only necessary for those sites that get lots of traffic or are resource intense. A blog or a store using WordPress isn’t going to get so much traffic, and you don’t want to waste your money going the dedicated route. If you want snappy fast loading pages, the right hosting is how you achieve it. Also, the plugins and theme you use play a vital role in page speed.

Fast Loading Sites Are Where The Money Is

You might have a blog where you don’t sell anything at all. The purpose of your blog might be to teach people how to do something or give guidance to those in need. If you monetize your site using advertising, you will notice an increase in your revenues if your pages load quickly. Google cares about how fast your website loads, and it will give you a boost in the rankings if your pages are quick loading. No matter how you make money on your site, you’ll see an increase in profits if your pages load quickly.

The type of hosting that you use makes all the difference in the world. If you’re on a slow server with hundreds of shared hosting accounts, your business will never grow. You need the dedicated resources that a VPS has to offer. Your site has enough room to grow, and people will be able to use it without anything slowing down. What you want more than anything is to give the visitors of your site the best experience possible, and that’s why your hosting matters.

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