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The Best Ways To Implement A Guest Blogging Strategy

People who want to implement guest blogging should understand that it is not the magic tool to grow the blog. To get a competitive edge over other guest bloggers, a blogger needs to make their content that stands out. The correct selection of the websites to contribute dramatically enhance the visibility of a website.

This article tells you the best strategies to get success in guest blogging.

Tips To Form An Influential Guest Blogging Strategy

Contribute To Authoritative Websites

Examine each blog to decide whether or not you should ask them for guest blogging. Ask the following questions:

  • Does that blog have an engaging audience?
  • Does the blog reply to comments?
  • Do they take out time to regularly share their content?
  • Does my audience align with that website?
  • Do they give credit to the blogger by permitting a backlink to their blog in the author bio?
  • Does that website have the power to drive traffic?

Start With Smaller Blogs

Before you can approach a larger blog for guest posting, it is required that you write for smaller blogs within your niche. It will help develop the credibility of your business and improve the chances of getting writing opportunities for larger blogs. You can attach the samples of your guest posts on smaller blogs when applying for guest posts on larger blogs.

Use Guest Blogs To Develop Email List

Another tip is to use guest blogs for developing an email list. A guest blogger can do this by adding a link to the landing page in the author bio. It will help readers to download all of the guides and checklists for free to email subscribers.

Connect With The Website Before You Begin Pitching

Blog editors get several pitches from those who they do not know. People are likely to respond positively to those they identify. This can be done in the form of:

  • Sharing content and mentioning the blogger
  • Mentioning on website posts
  • Answering social media statuses
  • Answering email newsletters

Types Of Posts To Boost SEO

There are a few specific types of posts that have immense potential to drive shares, yield traffic, obtain links, and get new business. Quality Guest Post is a leading provider of digital marketing services. These professionals create authentic, informative, and influential posts that improve the SEO of a blog.

The Inspirational Post

People like posts that inspire them. By sharing inspirational stories, you could even steak the hearts of people. Such posts get over a million readers. So, look at our opportunities to write on websites that share inspirational posts.

The Mini Group Interview

Group interviews are the usual place in the last few years. They are another type of post that can attract loads of traffic. Look for a website that shares group interview related posts in your niche.

Repurposed infographic

Infographics have ample potential to share across the web. The information is simpler to digest compared to a regular post. Along with the right email outreach, it can help in earning backlinks. A “linkable asset” on the authority website in the niche drives traffic and subscribers to your blog.

The Pillar Post

Pillar posts are in-depth website posts that assist bloggers to create their mark. Such posts can drive maximum traffic, earn plenty of backlinks, and obtain the maximum number of shares. By publishing a pillar post on other websites, you provide huge visibility to that platform.


Guest blogging is an incredibly beneficial marketing strategy. Several SEO experts use it for building quality backlinks. Where some tips are easy, others need time, patience, determination, and additional tools to execute. However, they all develop a stellar strategy to take your guest posting to the new levels.

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