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​The Tech Upgrades Your Business Needs

When was the last time you upgraded the technology at your business? It’s not something that falls into consideration often, especially with the day to day tasks which keep business owners so busy, but choosing to update your systems comes with a variety of benefits that are well worth the investment.

From improved payment systems to virtual meeting software, these tech upgrades are the best game changers for businesses both large and small.

​Easier Payments, Better Security​

If your company accepts any sort of credit card or online transaction, then you fall under the EMV Liability laws. These regulations protect your customers from fraudulent activity and while they may seem like another burdensome responsibility, they can help increase the trustworthiness of your brand.

Square’s new contact-less chip reader offers the latest secure payment technologies, and might even be a free upgrade if your business meets the qualifications. It accepts both EMV and NFC transactions, like Apple Pay does, and offers your customers a quick and secure way to purchase an item.

For online support, the NMI Gateway is one of the most secure and reliable ways to process transactions from end to end. This technology is also a great way to transition from traditional pen and paper bookkeeping to an efficient, virtual method.

Alternatively enrolling a Payroll software like can greatly enhance the way in which your employees are paid on a

​The New Hardware​​ Cycle​

Every now and then it becomes essential to update the hardware your business uses in order to keep things running smoothly. If your computers, printers, or mobile devices have begun to glitch and slow down, it’s time to upgrade.

That could mean new desktops for the office, new ticket printers and software for a restaurant, or even something as simple as new monitors. It’s hard to stay ahead of the curve, but this is the easiest solution to helping your employees and you conduct your business in a faster and more efficient manner.

In an effort to keep things from slowing down again after the upgrade, head to the cloud. Sharing documents and storing large files can overwhelm your computer’s memory, causing it to slow down drastically. Google Docs offers a simple yet highly effective platform every employee can be easily trained to use in minutes.

​Making Meetings Easier​

Businesses with multiple locations often use conference calls and video conferences to keep communication open so business goals can be met. Upgrading your program ensures for a smoother experience by optimizing video, audio, and connective technologies.

It’s important to get equipped with virtual meeting software that will also allow for Wi-Fi and public internet connections, enabling employees to connect at any time. Utilizing a virtual office and mobile app, business owners can schedule important impromptu meetings from home, while on a vacation, or on the go enabling faster and more efficient internal communication.

​Employee Management

​Payroll, workflow, and staffing solutions are everywhere but finding the right ones that suit your business’ needs are hard to come by. For the larger corporation, Bullhorn’s SaaS software is entirely customizable and user friendly with easy drag and drop features to save time. This makes managing large recruitment efforts and hundreds to thousands of employees a breeze.

For the growing business, try Connecteam. This app based system allows employees to collaborate, run operations, develop their skills through training, and the communication tools you’ll need to keep them working on schedule. It also allows you to customize the app so that it fits with your branding.

For the small business, Gusto offers a simple to use cloud-based system with plenty of automation for the payroll process. It also includes an onboarding interface that allows new employees to enter all of their information directly into the system.

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