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What is a VPN Used For – 7 Ways You Can Use It To Your Advantage

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables you to secure your connection while using the internet. It ensures confidentiality and privacy while you surf the internet. Besides, it changes your physical location. For instance, you might be sitting physically in the US, but with a VPN, you can show as if you are in a different country (e.g., Canada, Australia, etc.).

There are a lot of uses of a VPN.

For example, you can enter sites that are restricted in your region by using VPN. And, you can ensure privacy when using a public Wi-Fi. VPN helps you adjoin proxy servers and overlay networks and run best to keep your identity a secret.

Where to Use a VPN to Safeguard Your Identity?

Using a VPN is pretty simple. All you need to do is activate the VPN. Anyway, here are 7 exciting ways you can use a VPN for:

Netflix and YouTube

Netflix and YouTube are the two leading video streaming sites out there. However, lots of content on these websites are available only in specific regions. For example, acclaimed shows like Twin Peaks and the Twilight Zone are available only on US Netflix.

If you’re based outside of the US wanting to watch these movies, you will have to use a VPN. And trust me, US and Canada Netflix have the maximum movies and TV series. The same goes for YouTube. It has recently started its original series. Use a VPN to enjoy its latest series.

Torrent Downloads

Depending on the region, downloading torrents can be considered illegal. Therefore a VPN with an Unlimited data can mask your IP address, thereby shielding you from 3rd parties that can spy on your internet data. It can also be used to unblock certain restricted websites where torrents are hosted.

Abroad Online Shopping

Online shopping has become a norm. After all, it provides all the convenience we need to shop, not to mention the exclusive deals and offers. However, not all the products are offered to each country. For instance, when Nike launches an exclusive sneaker, it limits its purchases to certain countries (e.g., US and Canada). And if you want to get your hands on those sneakers, you will have to use a VPN. If not, you will see a message like “sorry, we are not delivering to your location.” Besides, it ensures your privacy and security while you make international purchases.

Protect Yourself from paying high prices for Airline Tickets and Car Rentals

If you have been buying airline tickets or renting cars very often, you would be aware that they often increase the prices if you browse their website multiple times.

However, with a VPN, you can eliminate these unfair pricing tactics as it will enable you to book airline tickets from different regions, where prices can theoretically be cheaper. YouTube channel LinusTechTips did a great video on the same, explaining how it works precisely. Make sure to watch it below:

Safeguard Your VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol services like skype are prone to hackers and cybercriminals. Anyone with basic knowledge of IP and the use of the internet can break your security. However, if your internet is comprehensively supervised or blocked, there are higher chances of intrusion. But with a VPN, you can keep your calls private and secure as the data is passed with a secure connection.

Make sure to activate your VPN before you start making calls over the internet. Besides, it will make it difficult for anyone to track your location. Isn’t that the level of privacy you are looking for?

Unblock Social Media

Social media is censored and blocked most of the time. For example, Algeria has blocked Facebook and Twitter in its country because of students using these social media apps to cheat in exams.

China, North Korea, Iran, and Syria have also blocked these sites for good to restrict the flow of information. But with a VPN you can unblock all the sites that have been blocked in your country.

Using Public Wi-Fi

With more and more countries offering public Wi-Fi throughout their country, it has become one of the most used networks. However, public Wi-Fi is very prone to security threats and data breaches. But, with a VPN, you can create a secure tunnel to protect your online activities and disguise your identity, thereby safeguarding your personal identity.


VPN helps you protect your identity and safeguard your personal details while you surf the internet. Besides, it allows you to access geo-restricted content on Netflix and YouTube. If you are not using a VPN, it’s high time to start doing it.

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