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How a Random Number Generator Works

A random number generator (RNG) uses an algorithm to create a sequence of numbers and symbols that can’t be predicted. With no apparent pattern, they give the appearance of being random.

Random number generators are used in various industries, including online casinos, computer gaming, cryptography, and finance, to name a few. Let’s consider a few of these as we read on.

Video Gaming RNG

How much thought have you put into the randomness of a particular game you play? In video games, those random airdropped items can change the course of the game. Simultaneously, racing games may use RNGs to determine a race’s outcome and decide which cars are fast or slow. Even Pokemon has random number generators, making people come back for more.

Many people, though, don’t think video games should be random. Instead, they believe they should be based on skill. After all, if a player aims their gun at a target, they want to hit that target rather than a random interference, ensuring they don’t.

Next, let’s read about verified casinos, which use RNG from companies like Playtech.

Online Casinos RNG

For any casino game to be fair, RNG needs to produce a set of random numbers to ensure that the game doesn’t show any bias to its players. Rather than humans doing this, which hackers could easily decode, programmers introduced a seed number. This seed number, used by the computer’s algorithm, produces the RNG that determines the slot machine’s outcome or where the roulette ball lands.

Online Slots

In online slots, every one of them uses a random number generator, which decides each spin’s outcome. Using an algorithm to regulate the reels ensures that the results are unexpected and that every spin has a chance of winning. Each wheel is also unique so that past ones don’t impact future outcomes.

When it comes to the symbols on online slots, the possible outcomes are split into two columns: winning or losing. While you may feel as though you’ve just missed out when the third slot column is different from the other two, it activates the RNG as soon as a player clicks the spin button. If 24 is a winning number and the random number generator picks 24, then a winning outcome is displayed; however, if it’s 22, then a losing result is displayed.

Online Roulette

Online roulette, the alternative to live dealer roulette, uses computer graphics to produce a realistic look. In an actual roulette game, the wheel’s momentum slows down so that the ball ends up in one slot. With online roulette, that’s not possible, so instead relies on RNG to produce the winning number.

Online Roulette

In blackjack, the game aims to draw two cards that add up to 21. As one of the most popular casino card games, players can use card counting to work the game to their advantage. By determining which cards have been dealt, players can make informed decisions with the cards to follow. Online blackjack, however, uses RNG to ensure that each card dealt is as random as possible, delivering a fair game.

Most modern-day online casino games use RNG to deliver an element of luck to their games. Casino software developers that provide these games include Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and RealTime Gaming.

Cryptography RNG

Scientists claim to have built the fastest random number generator that is 100 times quicker than those already in use. All of which has been achieved through a single, chip-scale laser.

In cryptography, randomness plays a vital role in the space as cryptography keys secure sensitive data at risk of hackers. The use of a new and fast RNG that produces random numbers at scale will ensure that data is securely protected. And with our networks becoming even more connected, it seems that this new RNG’s development couldn’t have come at a better time.

The team behind this latest development generated 250,000 gigabits per second, which is over two orders higher than current systems. According to the researchers, the technology can be scaled up “significantly.”

Telecommunications in RNG

Telecommunications play an essential role for countless organizations and individuals every day. It underpins how we collaborate and communicate and needs to be protected by new and emerging threats.

Additionally, the emergence of 5G into our day-to-day lives will introduce new threats. Future-proofing our telecommunications channels is achieved through quantum-safe solutions that are being developed now. A quantum random number generator will help to secure the next generation of communication networks.

The Cerberis quantum key distribution range uses quantum physics to exchange cryptographic keys over networks, ensuring their security and protection. On top of that, the quantum random number generator is the perfect solution for the telecommunications industry. Generated with high entropy, both of these solutions deliver greater security across networks.

Final Thoughts

When you take a closer look, random number generators are in more places than we may have thought initially. And it’s thanks to them that so much of what we do is fair and protected. So the next time you spin a wheel on that online casino slot game, remember the RNG behind it that could make you a winner or a loser.

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