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Traffic accident – do I need a lawyer?

Stop for a moment and think hard about this: would you know what to do about legal matters if you were involved in a traffic accident? Of course, if there are any victims in a truck accident, the first step to be taken is to call an ambulance or competent authority for assistance as soon as possible.

But how to proceed at the time of the event not to make matters worse? What are your rights and duties? How to protect your physical integrity if you have a popular uprising? There are so many questions that, in a single article, it would not be possible to enumerate all the possibilities, but there are some ways to manage what happened. Semi-truck traffic collision is something that we don’t want to happen to anyone, that is why when a similar event happens, it is better to hire a lawyer to protect your rights.

After an assessment of the situation, some action will have to be taken, and some measures are essential so that you can preserve your rights and also fulfill your duties. If it is an accident with casualties, even if it was not a serious accident, the first step is to signal the area, provide help or specialized care for the victims, and also inform the traffic authority that should approach the accident to provide assistance. The driver must remain at the place of occurrence without changing the position of the vehicles involved.

In case of accidents without victims, though, the vehicles must be removed from the road, because if leaving the vehicle in the place of the accident, disturbing the circulation, could imply an infraction in itself. (Source)

The driver who caused the accident must pay for all damages (on the road, in the vehicle, medical treatments and, if there are sequels, the appropriate treatments). But, for a process to occur, you must have proof, so it is worth remembering the importance of recording everything that is possible.

If you are a victim in the accident, you can file a lawsuit claiming compensation. And if you are sued to pay damages, you will also need a lawyer. In both cases, it is important to hire the services of specialized professionals, such as the ones you can find on the Sutliff & Stout law firm.

So, while a lawyer may not be necessary for the accidents that happen more often, their services may indeed turn out to be essential in situations having higher complexity.

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