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Considerations Before Finalizing a Website Design

Companies use websites to reach current and potential clients online. It is one of the most important aspects of growing your business. While it is tempting to rush to get something up for people to see, remember that first impressions matter. Before you sign off on your website design in Cheshire, there are six things to consider.

Does it Fit Your Personality?

As you browse the internet, you notice that some websites are very professional in appearance and others are flashier. You want a site that fits your business but also matches your personality. People should be able to connect with you and know more about you. Service-related websites normally have an office-space appearance, while goods cater to the demographic of their target audience.

How Will the Site is Used?

The structure of your site is based on the purpose it serves. Consider the tasks you want to be accomplished from your site, including:

  • Selling good/service
  • Generating Leads
  • Communicating with clients
  • Informing consumers about your product

Does it Serve its Purpose?

Vision boards create checklists for you and the developers on the needs of your website. Before signing off on the final project, run tests with various devices and people to ensure everything works as expected. There is nothing worse than hearing people complain about your site not being used unless they are on a laptop. Fonts, layout, and images should all be responsive to users of all demographics.

Does the Font Work?

Web browsers and operating systems display things differently, and not all fonts are built-in. If you are using a special font, make sure you include it in your coding, so your browser knows how to display it. However, it is always a good idea to view your site on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, tablets, and phones to ensure the font is easy to read across the board.

Are Images Relevant?

Images break up text and bring a site to life. You see them in logos, icon bundles, advertisements, and blog posts. The downside to having pictures on your site is the increase in load time. Therefore, make sure every photo you place has a purpose that speaks to the consumer. Visitors expect a site to load within two seconds of clicking on a link, so keep anything requiring a longer load time to be optimized.

Is it Comparable to Competitors?

Marketing is diverse, but you should know what works for your competition. Do they have a website that generates leads and is talked about on social media? Converse with your developers to make your site compete but have a unique appearance. While you think that their appearance is perfect, consumers do not trust companies that copy someone else’s work.

As you and your development team work together, keep all lines of communication open. Regular meetings allow them to ask questions regarding your preferences and needs. At the end of the day, you should look at your site and understand what it conveys to your target audience. Once you are completely satisfied, it is time to sign off on the project.


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