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5 Best eSports Apps of 2021 For Latest eSports Results

Esports are becoming more and more popular. There are always on-going gaming events and fans want to keep track of them. Esports apps are a great source for latest news in gaming just like Buaksib and their Livescore data. You’ll never miss a match even when you’re on the go and can’t stay in front of your monitor for long. They send updates and notifications on every upcoming match. Hottest news on your favorite matches, leagues and teams are all in your hands, both literally and figuratively.

We’ve gathered the best eSports apps on one list to ease your search. These apps have been rated as the best on the market and the majority of their reviews from both users and editors is excellent. We highly encourage you to not install any 3rd party apps you don’t fully trust or at least have an antivirus installed on your mobile deice.

1. Twitch mobile app

Since 2011 Twitch (Android / iOS) has been one of the most popular apps for streaming eSports live events and get insights from professionals. You can stream without limits and watch both pro and amateur players. Take part in online discussions with “live chat” feature, as the game is being streamed. You can also make your own broadcasts while gaming on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. It’s also worth mentioning that the app works both for Android and iOS users. However, you need to create an account to access all live streams.

2. Strafe mobile app

Strafe (Android / iOS) will provide you with latest news, statistics and scores. You can follow your favorite teams and players, such feature enables you to receive customized updates. The calendar will help you keep an eye on upcoming matches and it will also make sure that you’ll never miss any event, since it covers more than 5000 of them. You can also predict wins and earn scores for that. Check how good you know your favorite matches and get to the top of the leaderboard to receive a champion title.

3. eForce esports mobile app

EForce (Android / iOS) has a lot in common with Strafe mobile app. It also covers a large number of events and provides you with hot news and updates on all eSports. Here you can also customize a content you’ll receive, which is unarguably convenient. In match highlights you can watch compilations of best moments in games you might not have time to watch fully.

4. YouTube / YouTube Gaming

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use YouTube. Apart from other videos, people spend a great amount of time watching their favorite eSports matches. Gaming is so popular on YouTube that they had to create a separate platform for them. Streaming pretty much any eSports related video has never been this easy. But if you are planning to use it in China, you will need a special VPN to access YouTube in this country as it is censored there.


ESPN (Android / iOS) covers a vast number of sports and of course they couldn’t forget about eSports fans. Even though they are mostly famous for sports news, a part of the app that they related to video games is now worse. They post all of the hot news on eSports on their app and website, where you can as well watch your favorite games.

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