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Technology Trends That Attorneys Should Watch Out For

Technology is fast becoming a necessity in today’s business world. It makes business operations smooth and efficient. The law industry is one of many that has had to adapt to new technology. In many ways, technology has helped the law industry in its operations. It helps smoothen the law process and gives lawyers access to materials with just the push of a button. There are several technology trends to be keen on as a lawyer in this digital age. These are trends that will help to win cases and ensure the proper relay of information between clients and law firms. In addition, data storage becomes easy, and so on.

Research Tools

Research tools are an emerging trend in the law industry. With these tools, there is easy access and research of important materials on the web. It saves time because there is no need to spend time in a library researching from books. Some of these research tools include Ravel law and Casetext. Ravel law sources its information from Harvard Law Library and makes it available for lawyers doing research. Casetext allows free access to law students to safely and smoothly conduct their research. The program uses an AI that correctly sources information relaying it to the researcher. Daniel Setareh, a Modesto car accident lawyer, says he frequently uses Ravel and loves it. “It’s so easy to find the information I’m looking for”, he says.


Applications have become plentiful over the years thanks to technological advancements. Attorneys should be keen to leverage applications that can interpret huge volumes of data, saving a lot of time. Also, the applications can analyze legal documents such as contracts. Analyzing such contracts can be time-consuming. Through the use of applications, attorneys save time and use the time to perform other important tasks. Some of these emerging and already existing apps include; PDF, Data back-up, Case management software, Microsoft office for data input, to mention but a few. These apps are easily accessible, and attorneys can install them on their laptops.

Malicious programs

As technology comes with numerous advantages, there are a few disadvantages, such as malware and viruses. Not everyone on the internet has good intentions. Attorneys should be aware of this and maintain high security in their online platforms. There are links sent along with e-mails that are targeted to plant malware and viruses to laptops and computers in an organization. This brings the need to have a sophisticated system that protects against such attacks. The area of law is very vital and contains privileged and sensitive information, which, when leaked or accessed by the wrong hands, may lead to catastrophic results.

Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage services help store data. Data can be stored in any part of the country and is readily available anywhere. Cloud storage has become a trend. It helps save on space and save important data. Also, it is important to ensure additional security. Your cloud storage service provider may have options on how to improve security for your data. This is because attorney data is very vital, and hackers may be out and about trying to access this vital information. It is important to save data in the cloud because devices may be stolen or get lost.

Web Conferencing and Virtual Services

With technology, lawyers can consult each other through web conferencing and learn from one another. Networking is very important in the field of law. Attorneys can work on cases together by brainstorming ideas. Also, there are virtual services that bring the attorneys and the clients closer. There is no need to meet. You only need to access your computer or phone and converse with a client. This has been estimated to save time, reduce cost, and increase productivity in law firms. This is a trend that lawyers should watch out for and invest in.


Artificial Intelligence has helped improve the legal sector by interpreting data quickly and saving time for attorneys. Platforms such as e-discovery have helped lawyers improve their navigation through the internet. Contracts and legal documents can be difficult to review. E-discovery helps save time, which can be otherwise used in conducting other activities in the law firm.

Attorneys should be careful about what they post on their social media platforms. Law firms should source experienced software companies to properly manage their technological data and transition. This area is new for attorneys, but with time, they can adapt and speed up investigations and data sourcing.


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