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Here Are 3 New Ways to Invest in Your Employees

It might not seem this way. But the horrors of 2020 are almost behind us. Yes, things will get worse before they get better. But they will get better. While slow, progress is being made and things are headed in the right direction. Businesses will be rebuilt and job seekers will be workers once again. If you run a medium size business, you are likely facing giant size challenges. Not the least of which is cash flow.

Putting 100 workers back in the office or out in the field is expensive, especially if you had to close for a protracted period of time. That is why small business loans are good for business. You are clearly going to have to meet payroll before the money starts rolling in.

Benefits such as health insurance will also be a major expense. And these are not the only concerns you will need to address before your workforce is back in place. Some of the challenges are business as usual. But others require new ways of thinking and doing. In the post-pandemic world, you will have to support your workers like never before. Here are some new ways to do it:

Injury Prevention

Worker injuries in settings such as warehouse and construction are rampant. Despite safety measures, industrial accidents occur on a daily basis. Even when no particular trauma has taken place, workers suffer injuries associated with the job. Those injuries include stress to knees, hips, back, and wrists. Because of the brutal wear and tear on the body, efficiency suffers. Churn is high. And all that shows up on the bottom line.

In such settings you can better support your workers by providing them with tools like a powered exoskeleton suit that can augment their strength and agility while maneuvering heavy loads and removing the stress from the joints and muscles of the one wearing the suit. Sarcos: the maker of the Guardian XO exoskeleton suit put it this way:

Uniquely suited for safer, more productive manufacturing/assembly, construction, field service, and warehouse/logistics use cases, the Guardian XO enables a single person to deliver the productivity of many, while significantly reducing the risk of occupational injury.

Having fewer, healthier, and more productive workers in high-impact industries will help you get back to full production faster than you imagined. Having a hundred poorly supported workers dose no one any favors. 75 well-supported workers with the right tech is a win-win every time.

Close the Open Concept

Perhaps there was a TED talk that all the executives heard. Perhaps it was an ear virus passed on at some CEO retreat. Whatever was responsible, there came a time when almost every office pool went from semi-closed to fully open workspaces. That will go down as one of the biggest fiascos in the history of office work.

There are countless reasons why open offices are bad. The BBC cites research that states,

We’re 15% less productive, we have immense trouble concentrating and we’re twice as likely to get sick in open working spaces

The last of those reasons should be enough to put an end to the open-office madness. The coronavirus has taught us how vulnerable we are to airborne viruses, and how easy it is to shut down an office with just one person sneezing. Support your incoming workforce by reintroducing walls and semi-private spaces.

Work from Home

The best thing that came out of 2020 is the renewed commitment to working from home. Companies can save a great deal of money by cutting their office space in half and letting employees work from home. Not all office work can be easily converted into home work. But most of it can and should be converted.

When more people can work from home, then they will not feel pressured into coming into the office when they are sick. A stay at home day does not have to become a loss of productivity day. By supporting your workers in this way, you will also be supporting your business.

At the end of the day, that is why supporting your workers is a win-win. The right technologies keep them safer and more productive. Moving back to a semi-closed space reduces viral spread and distraction. And working at home gives more people a chance to work and gives you a broader pool of potential workers. What’s good for your employees is ultimately good for your business.

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