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Understanding Equipment Damage and Property Restoration

There are all kinds of companies that use complex, expensive equipment to conduct their business. They might offer services that use vehicles, heavy-duty industrial processes, and more.

If this sounds like your business entity, you know that this equipment isn’t cheap. You probably do all that you can to take care of it, but that doesn’t mean disasters don’t strike sometimes. That’s the world’s way: you can prepare, but occasionally the unexpected still occurs.

However, you’re frequently going to have property and equipment restoration specialists that can come in and assess the damage. They can probably give you some help that can get your business working again with as little delay as possible. They can also sometimes restore your previous warranty you thought the disaster rendered invalid.

Let’s talk a little about equipment restoration companies and what they can do for you.

Dealing with a Disaster’s Consequences

Maybe your company uses all kinds of expensive, complex equipment. You might be in construction, salvage, manufacturing, or something along those lines.

A disaster might come in the form of an earthquake, flood, tornado, typhoon, etc. Maybe you did all you could to protect your equipment, but there’s still damage.

That’s when you might turn to an equipment restoration company. They can come in, assess the damage, and then suggest how to refurbish the equipment or provide some other solution if it’s beyond repair.

Reinstating equipment warranties is one thing they might be able to do. You might look at the damage and feel like that’s impossible, but keep in mind that these companies employ experts. They can probably give you a hand in this area so you can make the most of a bad situation.

How Does Equipment Warranty Reinstatement Work?

After the smoke has cleared following a disaster, you call an equipment restoration company, and they send their reps to assess the damage. You’ll also presumably contact your insurer or risk manager at this time to fill them in on what happened.

The restoration company representative can probably tell you how much refurbishment will cost. You can see whether you have the money available. If you want the business to keep running, you’ll need to restore this equipment or buy replacement pieces.

Returning your equipment to pre-loss conditions is something the restoration company rep will want to do, if at all possible. They’ll likely propose a scientific equipment recovery method.

These are such effective techniques that you can restore the equipment to its previous condition if you choose to undertake them. The machinery might be as good as new afterward. You may even be able to get the manufacturer to restore the previous warranty, or they may grant you a new one.

All of that is manufacturer-dependent. Once the equipment restoration company has worked its magic, you’ll need to contact the original equipment manufacturer. Doubtless, they’ll want to assess the refurnished equipment themselves to determine whether they can restore the warranty.

Restoration Company Warranties

The other thing you should keep in mind about this whole endeavor is that, if for some reason the original equipment manufacturer does not want to restore your warranty or give you a new one, the restoration company might grant you one. That’s because, if they refurbish your equipment, they’ll get behind their work.

They’ll generally feel so strongly that it will work like new that they’ll offer you a warranty at the end of the process. That’s probably going to make you feel a lot better if you can’t get the manufacturer to sign off and restore the original one.

You want to hire a company that’s willing to give you a warranty after the decontamination process because if they’re not ready to do that, that’s an indication they don’t trust their work. If they don’t trust the refurbishing job they did, then why should your workers trust it?

Generally, companies like to go this route after a disaster because refurbishing is a lot cheaper than getting all-new equipment. You probably know all about how much that can cost if you run a company that uses complex industrial machinery.

If something unexpected does occur, contact your insurance company, but then consider calling an equipment restoration company. They have experts on staff who can restore the equipment, provide a warranty afterward, and talk to you about what you can do to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Your employees can return to work quicker than you might have imagined.

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