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Black Voices for Black Justice Fund DMV announces fellowship to boost Black-led projects

The economic gap between whites and blacks in the United States has changed little in recent years, even with the increase in debates about how companies and society can reduce this inequality. The visibility of the black ecosystem helps the self-esteem of black entrepreneurs and, from the moment they start to see themselves as entrepreneurs, they are able to leverage results more effectively.

Knowing this, the Black Voices for Black Justice Fund DMV is joining forces with GOODProjects, a DC-based nonprofit organisation, to launch the Black Justice Fellowship, something described as “investment in innovation for liberation”.

With this fellowship, a total of 10 Black Leaders from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia will be chosen, with each receiving $30,000 to support them, so that they can keep being dedicated to their causes. Nominations are now closed, and the results are expected sometime this month.

Historically, Black Leaders are not the recipients of most philanthropy efforts, and this is exactly what the committee leaders Angela Rye, Linda Wilson, Tonia Wellons, Cherrelle Swain, and Darius Baxter are trying to change, as Baxter explains:

“Black Leaders have been actively working for years to create a more just America, yet too many are underestimated, underfunded, and underrepresented. We declare the success of Black Leaders will not be determined by how much they can fundraise or their proximity to whiteness.”

This disparity between the funding of white and black-led organisations can be put in a figure, as per the conclusions of the Racial Equity in Philanthropy Report. That figure, 24%, shows just how much the scales are tilted for the former, not only in this matter, but also in other aspects such as issue area or education levels.

In spite of the COVID-19 crisis all across the planet, 2020 was a year in which the discussion about biases and equal opportunities were hot topics. With this Fellowship, 10 Black Leaders will hopefully have more conditions and chances to keep and even ignite their activism even further.

To keep an eye over this program, be sure to check the website or @blackjusticefellows on all social platforms.

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