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Skipr gets €7 million to continue shaping the landscape of mobility

The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model is a business format characterised by the offering of personalised transport services, with dynamic travel management, payment flexibility, ease of transaction and travel planning. In addition, it aims to optimize the user experience by tracking demand in real time and dynamically combining it with the transport offer.

MaaS is all about intelligent and user-centered mobility. A management and distribution ecosystem in which an integrator brings together the offer of multiple service providers and provides end users with access through a digital interface. This allows them to plan and pay for mobility in an uncomplicated way.

This market of MaaS offers is an evolving one, with a few players playing important roles in that. One of them, Skipr, just got €7 million (roughly $8 million) in investment to feed the continued expansion of the company in its home market, Belgium, and also dive into new markets, starting with the neighboring France.

Founded in Belgium back in 2018, Skipr focuses on the B2B market, making it easier for employees to handle their daily commutes. Skipr’s system uses a combination of three systems, consisting of a mobile app, a web dashboard and a payment card, which together give access to several transport providers of different sizes.

Especially considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies had the necessity to rethink the mobility of their employees. With Skipr, they can use the web or mobile apps to plan and book their journey and pay using their own travel budget or resort to Skipr payment card. By using the latter option, employees have access to a virtually unlimited stream of mobility options across Europe.

With this Series A investment, Skipr hopes to reinforce its position in the Belgian market, grow to neighboring countries and also improve the overall user experience. Mathieu de Lophem, co-founder and CEO of the company, explained what makes Skipr unique and the importance of this new investment:

“We have the right product at the right time. Whilst B2C MaaS players are often still looking for a business model, our B2B solution has been generating revenue from day one and perfectly fits the current changing legal frameworks in Europe (…). With Skipr, we offer an optimal solution and empower corporations and employees to create their own mobility mix, based on their ever-changing needs. This funding allows us to take the next big step and become a MaaS player to be reckoned with on an international scale.”

In a time where the entire world is facing important challenges, it will be interesting to understand how companies will handle mobility in the future, and how Skipr can be a major player in shaping the landscape of this industry.

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