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The Best Spy Apps for Android Phones 2021

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, regardless of age groups. And while the immediate result of this is that we can communicate with anyone almost instantaneously, the unforeseen flip-side to this is that the number of mobile phone related scams has also skyrocketed.

With this monumental increase in cyber-crimes. the need for keeping an eye on your dear ones has become paramount and therefore you need to see this list of best spy apps for android available online. Spy apps are vital to keeping your family and loved ones safe and here are a few reasons why you may need to get it installed today.

Here are a few reasons why spy apps might be for you

  1. Security: The security of your kids and family members is very important. Spy apps allow you to keep an eye on where your child or your family members are. This works as a line of defense and you can reach them using the app anytime.
  2. Administration: It is not easy being a business owner or a boss. This is a very hard job and it becomes even harder if your employees are wasting time on the office premises. You need to track if they are doing their work or just wasting time. You can use Android spy apps to keep an eye on your employees. You would know their online activity and this way, they won’t use the internet for killing time or doing unproductive things. These spy apps can help you with the administration in your office or business and hence, increase your employee productivity.
  3. Monitoring: With the increase in the number of users of the internet, there has also been an increase in online content harassment and bullying. Furthermore kids spend a lot of time online texting, watching videos, playing games and surfing websites. This can become a problem if they get addicted to it and their time isn’t moderated.  Fortunately, spy apps have been built to deal with such issues and you can monitor your kids’ online activity and protect them from addictions and other internet related abuse.

Here are some of the best Spy Apps for smartphones

1. uMobix for Android

This spy app is built around the perspective of parents and their need for the safety of their children. This app works both for iOS and Android. It helps you in protecting your child from numerous threats on the web by enabling you to monitor your children’s online activity and help you keep them safe online.

Some of the features of the uMobix App

  • It provides you with a real-time update with no chance to miss any detail.
  • It works on as many as 30 apps and social media platforms.
  • You can view incoming and outgoing calls, monitor all sent and received messages, and read sent or received messages via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

2. Google family link

This is one of the best Android Spy Apps and it comes directly from google. It can help your family create healthy digital habits. Whatever the age of your kids, this app can help you with digital rules to guide your kids in what to play, watch, and explore online.

Some of the features of the Google Family Link app:

  • You can view their activity on different apps and based on the reports showing how much time they spend on their favorite apps, you make adjust their online exposure or restrict said app.
  • It can help you manage the apps that your children are using and notify you when they want to download apps from Google Play Store. You can also manage in-app purchases and hide specific apps on your device.
  • This app also helps your children with apps that are recommended by teachers and are educational.
  • You can set screen time for them and also lock their device when it is time to play outside, have dinner, study, or to spend time together.
  • And also you can use Family Link to locate and find your child.

3. SpyBubble Pro – Hidden Spy App for Android

This is a simple, powerful, computer monitoring, and mobile spy software. This is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. This is a stealth app so the monitored device will never find out about it.

Some of the features of the SpyBubble Pro spy app:

  • It can record phone calls, take screenshots, and lets you read texts, messages.
  • It can help you see the current location of end-users, their location history, chats on WhatsApp, and Facebook.

4. Mobile-Tracker-Free.Org – One of the Best Free Spy App for Android

This is a mobile phone monitoring software that lets you know the details of an Android mobile phone. This is a simple application that is easy to use and has a lot of features and its free for basic functionality.

Some of the features of the Mobile-Tracker-Free.Org spy app:

  • It can help you in monitoring the texts and calls of the other phone.
  • It can track WhatsApp and Facebook history and their status.
  • Remote control the other device.

5. Flexispy Spy Phone App for Android

This is a monitoring app that works on all Android and iOS platforms. You can use it to know everything that happens on a mobile or a computer of the end-user. It is simple and sleek, easy to use, and has Parental control software, and Employee monitoring. It can protect your child from cyber bullying, sexual predators, and online content that you don’t want them to watch. Feature wise, it is similar to most offerings in this list.

A few FAQ’s :

  • Do Spy App for Android really work?

Yes, they do. You can take a trial of the above-mentioned spy apps. These work and they are good. They are becoming more and more a requirement and it is not a bad time to look out for your kids and family members.

  • Can Android Spy Apps be detected?

These Android Spy Apps mentioned above are specially designed to be stealth. The End-use will never know if he or she is being monitored or not unless you want them to know.

  • What are the best undetectable Hidden Spy Apps for Android?

From above mentioned Android Spy Apps, you can use any one of them to spy on any particular person. Most of these work in stealth and are not easily detectable. These are called hidden for a reason.

“This is a 3rd party article and not a review. TechnoFAQ doesn’t claim any responsibility for said apps not performing as advertised and neither do we have any associations with the developers of these apps. So if you have any doubts, complaints ask literally anyone but us.”

Final Thoughts

With the new development in technology each day, it is becoming harder to know what is right for your child. These Android Spy Apps not only spy on your child and keep track but also help you in understanding what is best for them. In the end, we all want our loved ones to be safe and there is nothing wrong in spying on them.

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