Education Acer Chromebook 715, 8th Gen Intel Core i3-8130U, 15.6

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Here’s Why You Should Get a Chromebook for Studying

Looking for a computer for studying and don’t know what to pick between a Mac and a Windows machine. Why not just forget the two and go with a Chromebook? Chromebooks are perfect for most students, and we’ll talk about why it is so.

Google has been previously focusing and concentrating on creating the best options for students and empowering young learning with cheap tech. It was one of the main inspirations behind Chromebooks – easy-to-use, light, and simple notebook for basic tasks.

Google is taking a huge initiative to promote its specially developed devices and software to all students. Chrome OS (the OS on which Chromebooks run) dominates almost 63% of the education market in the US. Almost all of this market share was gained since only 2016.

In comparison to Apple, which now only has a 7% share of the education market, Google is having a much simpler time promoting its products. Mainly, it’s all due to the following benefits of choosing Chromebooks over anything else.

Acer Chromebook 715, 8th Gen Intel Core i3-8130U, 15.6

Safety Features

In college, there’s always a possibility of having your things stolen – it’s just how it is. College dormitories are not the safest place on Earth, with people constantly entering and leaving and many students living under one roof.

The multitude of expensive tech student gadgets combined with the students’ inexperience and naivete surrounding personal security becomes an easy target for thieves. So, let’s discuss what happens when you have either Mac or Windows, and it gets stolen.

Well, you’ll have to pay up for a replacement in addition to losing all your saved documents, learning materials, and all instances of paper writing and academic works. The latter is much scarier if your notebook is stolen right before you have to hand in all the end-of-term assignments. It can lead to you losing credits and failing courses.

How does a Chromebook protect you from this faith? Incredibly easy – it’s mostly cloud-based. Meaning that your information will mostly be stored on a Google server instead of the computer’s memory. Due to Chromebooks usually not having more than 48 GB of storage, it’s a necessity.

Easily Replaceable

Notebooks are not that durable. Unlike desktop Macs and PCs, you take notebooks with yourself – on road trips, into the city, and so on. So, of course, they often break quickly because of that. The most common breaks are keyboard jams, screens cracking, and hard drives failing.

Because of these reasons, there is no need to buy expensive laptops just to do basic tasks and have them break in a couple of months. Chromebooks are much better because they’re usually cheaper by 500 to 600 USD than the average laptops. Chromebooks sit under 200 USD in price, which is incredibly convenient in terms of price.

In the case of robbery, you can easily buy another one, and it wouldn’t impact your money as much. Additionally, due to Chrome OS being so cloud-oriented, to restore all your OS settings and files, all you’ll need to do is just log in to your Google account when booting your new Chromebook for the first time.

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Extremely Light

Chromebook is something that you can effortlessly throw in your backpack and carry around town without worrying too much about it. You do that with a typical Mac or Windows laptop – because they’re so heavy.

Both Macs and other notebooks usually weigh in somewhere around 3 pounds, which can put a definite strain on your back. When you add Chromebooks into the mix, everything instantly changes – they’re easily the lightest group of all in the laptop line-up, averaging at about 1.5 pounds, which is half of what a common laptop weighs.


Another great point for every student is just how much money you can save with it. As a student, even if you’re working, you’re probably not making that much, so every penny saved is quite worth it. With Chromebooks and Chrome OS, you’ll have no reasons to spend your funds on trivial applications and tools for document editing, presentation creation, online storage, etc.

Google Keep is a great free alternative to the popular Evernote (4$ a month for a subscription). 1TB of online storage on Dropbox (for 10$ a month) is definitely not needed when you get 100GB for free with your Chromebook. Of course, the Google suite of office apps is a great free substitute for the expensive application pack Office 365.

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An All-Around Great Product, but Not for All

If you’re an average student that will only need office apps for your education, then Chromebook is surely the choice for you. However, if you need more computing power, then a Mac or a more powerful Windows machine is needed.

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