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Best Football Teams of England

The Premier League is one of the most famous football leagues around the world and many may consider some English teams the strongest clubs in Europe nowadays. It is true that many clubs have strong squads and are frequently fighting for important tiles.

So author Kate Richardson took a look at UEFA’s club ranking and brought to you the list of the 5 Best Football Teams of England. Let’s remember that this list is made by the European Confederation UEFA and not by the author herself.

5 – Tottenham

Based in the city of London, Tottenham is the 5th best placed English club in the UEFA ranking, currently at the 13th position.

The Spurs, as they are known, have already won the English League twice, in the 1971/72 season and also in the 1983/1984 season. However, they were still not able to lift the Premier League, as the competition started after 1990. Their most recent trophy was the Carabao Cup in 2008.

Currently, Tottenham are playing the Premier League, in which they are currently in first place with 24 points after 11 matches. They are also participating in the UEFA Europa League, as they qualified to the knockout stage after finishing first in group J.

4 – Arsenal

Another club based in the capital of England, Arsenal is the 4th best place English club, being placed in the 11th position of the UEFA ranking.

The Gunners are the third best team when talking about the number of titles of the English League, with a total of 13. They are also the only club, until now, who was able to win the English League without losing a single game. Apart from that, they also hold the record of the most successful club in the FA Cup, with 14 titles.

Currently, Arsenal are playing the Premier League and are facing a very difficult moment, as they are in 15th place with only 13 points in 11 matches. The club is also playing the Europa League and qualified for the knockout stage as first place in group B.

3 – Liverpool

Based in the city with the same name of the club, Liverpool are the third best placed English club, occupying the 10th position in the UEFA Ranking.

The Reds are one of the most successful clubs inside of England, with 19 English League titles. However, it took a long time until they were able to finally lift a Premier League trophy, with it happening only in 2019. Apart from that, they are the most successful English club in the Champions League, with six titles.

Currently, Liverpool are playing the Premier League, being in 2nd place with the same 24 points as Tottenham (the first place) after 11 matches. They are also playing the UEFA Champions League and qualified to the knockout stage after qualifying in first place in Group D.

2 – Manchester United

Based in the city of Manchester, United is the second best placed club in the UEFA ranking, occupying the 9th position.

The Red Devils are, without doubts, one of the biggest clubs inside of England. They hold the record of the most English League titles with 20, one more than their main rival Liverpool. However, it’s been a while since they were able to lift a Premier League trophy. Since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, United still haven’t found all their glory back.

Currently, they are playing the Premier League and they are in 6th place with 19 points. However, they have played on 10 games, while most teams count with 11 matches already. They will also play the Europa League knockout stage, as they finished third in their Champions League group.

1 – Manchester City

The Blues of Manchester are the best placed club in the UEFA ranking, even though they are not in the top 5. They are currently in the 6th position on the table.

The Citizens don’t have such a big history as their main rivals, United and Liverpool, but they have grown a lot during the recent years and have become on the best teams in England, conquering many national titles. However, the club has been able to win a Champions League yet, not even being able to get to a final.

Currently, they play the Premier League, occupying the 7th place with 18 points in 10 games. They still have one less match than most of the clubs. Apart from that, they also play the UEFA Champions League, as they qualified to the knockout stage as first place of group C.


Many fans probably won’t agree with how the ranking is done, however it is important to remember that it was done by UEFA and that they take into consideration the last 5 years of each club.

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