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6 Leading Data Analytics Companies in the World Today

The market research company, Frost and Sullivan believes that the Big Data Analytics industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, and is poised to hit $40 billion by 2023. In 2017, over 50% of companies had adopted Big Data Analytics, and this number had increased by a further 11% in 2020. Undoubtedly, information analytics has evolved into an essential business tool for many organizations. 72% of companies now utilize big data analysis to transform their customers’ experiences. Here is a look at the leading Data Analytics companies in the world right now.

Prolifics Data Analytics Company

Prolifics is a worldwide digital transformation company that specializes in big data analytics, cloud, DevOp, and digital business as well as quality assurance across numerous sectors. Having been around for over 4 decades, Prolifics has distinguished itself as a leading data-driven company providing consulting services, engineering, and managed services for their clients. The company also offers data management services, data governance, data integration, and business analytics to help organizations gather business intelligence and gain a competitive advantage. By partnering with Prolifics, you can perform advanced predictive analysis and use the insights learned to help make the next big decisions.


Xplenty integrates all of your data sources. The IT and services company was founded in 2012 and can connect your business with online analytical data sources such as AWS. The leading data analytics company also offers systems that improve sales and boost customer support. Businesses in the hospitality, advertising, and retail industries can all find solutions to meet their needs from Xplenty. The company’s marketing solutions feature personalized emails, data enrichment, and smart segmentation. Their pricing model is subscription-based. A scalable cloud platform is another key feature of Xplenty.

Light IT

This company delivers innovative web and mobile software for data-driven start-ups and enterprises. Aside from offering software development services, Light IT also strives to meet the changing needs of their clients.

They may suggest process improvements and plan your workflow to minimize your costs without missing deadlines. For more than 14 years, Light IT has delivered hundreds of custom solutions to numerous companies across the United States, China, and Europe among other regions.

Troparé Data Analytics Company

Troparé Inc offers self-service and B2B data analytics tools and field sales solutions. Choose Troparé if you want to empower your field sales professionals with smart data-driven sales prospecting tools. Troparé’s self-service analytics platform empowers marketers to accelerate their results.

Do you want to overcome the problems that come with big data? Accelerate your business performance through visualization tools for big data. As a leading data-driven company, Troparé has a highly secure platform. You could visit the Tropare website page for more information on their data analytics solutions.


HQSoftware is a reliable global software developer that helps businesses transform themselves digitally. They specialize in the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), web application development, virtual reality, and augmented reality, etc.

HQSoftware delivers all-around solutions including prototyping, maintenance, and enhancement. Their dedicated business development teams are there and ready to help organizations evolve digitally. Manufacturing companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare businesses, and educational organizations can all find data-driven solutions from HQSoftware.

SG Analytics

SG Analytics is one of the top data analytics companies with expertise in data research. SG was rightly recognized in 2016 and 2017 to be one of the leading data-centered organizations in the world. Their highly trained professionals strive to serve loyal customers in the UK, USA, and Switzerland with the best data solutions.

SG Analytics offers services such as data analytics in marketing, business intelligence and visualization, as well as market and investment research. Founded in 2006, SG Analytics also provides businesses with marketing and technology insights.

Data is central to the success of modern business organizations, and choosing the best data analytics company can be overwhelming. But, hopefully, you can make the right decision if you check out the above leading data analytics companies.

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