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The 6 Best Data Collection Tools in 2022

If we were to name a few of the most crucial business assets, wise data management would go first. The amount of information that circulates daily inside of a company contains the answers to the majority of questions that worry company runners. The thing is just to know how to extract, systematize and use them properly. In this regard, we’ve decided to compile a quick review of the best data collection tools to look at in the upcoming year.

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Alteryx Connect

Looking for a powerful yet user-friendly data governance tool, check out Alteryx Connect. The service has a lot to offer. Based on specific information crowdsource, the data collector enables companies to focus on certain info types and metatags to make use of emerging information units. If to take a closer look at the feature set, Alteryx Connect can offer quick feedback discovery tactics, a customizable linkable dictionary, and functional space for efficient inter-company communication.


Companies dealing with large amounts of data will breathe a sigh of relief after incorporating FastField into their business process. An array of features and a choice of types of data collection makes the app wanted by ventures around the globe. The key advantage of FastField is the visualization skill which turns the whole process of analysis less time-consuming and more illustrative. Full user customizability and automation are the features to fall in love with.


Why go for data extraction companies if there is BrightData tool available within a couple of clicks? If your business receives feedback that is complicated to restrict to a single format, the app will manage such info collection seamlessly. In case the amount of information that has to be extracted exceeds the limits set in other tools, be sure BrightData will deal with it. The current BrightData users note that the tool is filled with pros like being code-free, navigable, and robust.

Content Snare

The success of a business quite often relies on accurate and comprehensive customer information extraction and analysis. Content Snare has a clue on how to collect relevant data quickly and manage it with ease. The collector tool has its own unique metatag discovery techniques to ensure the exhaustive collection of client information. The variety of primary data formats and the range of quantitative methods of informational governance won’t leave one indifferent. No wonder it remains among the best data collection tools for a couple of years already.

Sony ICD ux560

The form of the data that has to be discovered plays a key role in the choice of the right information collection tool. Audio recordings and video files are the most complicated ones to extract. For those whose businesses rely on such complex primary data format, Sony ICD ux560 presents a perfect solution. Basically, it’s an audio recording tool that can extract and convert information from focus groups interviews, oral case studies presentations, etc.

Repsly Mobile CRM

If there were a flagman among the cloud-based data collecting tools, Repsly Mobile CRM would lead the list. Large-sized ventures could probably go for another app, while smaller-scale companies can totally benefit from the diversified functionality and wide feature set designed to cater to any user need. Data search has been made much easier with Repsly Mobile CRM since it applies useful extraction and management details such as a smart schedule feature, real-time updates, illustrative support, and many others.

The Final Remark

Due to the ever-rising understanding of business data importance, the market of data collection tools has been growing with every coming year. Scrolling through long lists of information management apps, it’s easy to become confused and go for the wrong type of tool. Mind that extraction techniques might differ a lot, so dive into the characteristics’ description before making any further steps. If chosen correctly, automated data collection solutions for businesses developed by data extraction company InData Labs is a huge time and money saver, that enables analysts to see a clear company picture and build viable strategy to keep it afloat for decades.

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