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The Importance of Logos (and Why Your Business Needs One)

Do you over 90% of the population across the world recognize the logo of Coca Cola? Astonishing right? Well, that’s how a remarkable logo performs.

The moment an idea seeds in a brain the first need the arise is of an identity, which a logo rightly fulfils. It is considered as the first asset to build a brand’s equity. It gives a visual representation to the brand’s voice, tone and its overall personality.

Without a logo, you cannot even imagine creating a position in the search engine. It’s the first thing that interacts with your target audience and initiates to spread your word across the individual markets. If you look at the success of the top five firms- Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, and Google you will find one thing common, their timeless logo.

Each of these five firms has a logo that imprints itself into the minds of the target audience and stays there for longer. The logos depict traits of their service standards and shape a personality too professional to ignore.

Whether you are an inch closer to launch your brand or just thinking to begin one, you need a visual representation and for that it’s imperative to carry out extensive research of the market. You have to ponder on so many factors as listed below:

  1. The Perspective Of Your Target Audience
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Your Business Model
  4. Service Standards
  5. The Targeted Group Of Audience

As you now know the significance of a logo, here are some outcomes that a logo generates in making a brand prosper at double its pace. So, read on.

It Sketches An Identity

“a logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.”

So, rightly elaborated the role of a logo.

A logo is created using either the initials of a brand or a sort of graphical representation that delivers the idea of the business. Its colors, patterns and type of the logo used all are directed towards sketching an identity. Without a logo, you will have a face to interact with. It showcases the service quality and helps a business to create its online presence. whether nits about creating your business card or a social meid platform, you will need a logo to represent your company. In short, a logo will let your surface in the most crowded market.

It Stays in The Mind

Did you ever forget the name of a new brand you just saw still your brain can make a blurred image of its logo? To make your brand sticker you need a logo. If your logo has those attributes that can make itself look distinctive among the thousands of other logos, your brand will succeed without any hurdle.

No matter how saturated the market gets or how fierce the competition turns into, a good logo will sweep off its brands to the top in a blink. That is one reason why people remember the logo of Coca Cola despite the hundreds of other drinks.

As per the Optimal Targeting statistics, a human brain has the capacity to process visuals almost 60,000x faster than the static text. Now if you come up with an engaging logo you know how quickly you can achieve your business goals.

If you are perplexed as to how to create such a logo, think from the viewer’s perspective. Delve deeper into the market and hunt for ways that can help you design a sleek and compelling logo just like the experts at Logo Design UK do.

It Depicts Your Level of Professionalism

When you dress up for a job interview you stay concerned about your personality. You worry about the first impression. You plan to deliver responses most professionally to show that you are capable of doing what you claiming. Similarly, when you create a logo you have to take notice of these aspects.

You need to think about how your logo is going to communicate with the target audience. It should throw a lasting impression upon the viewers making them put their trust in your business. You have to add the finest touch to make sure that the visuals showcase the highest service traits.

Let’s take the example of the world renowned coffee shop- Starbucks. Its logo is unique with colors that are not directly linked to coffee beans. Then what’s that one factor that made its logo so famous, it’s the appeal and the professionalism with which it’s designed.

Similarly, the logo of Apple Inc. is so sleek and eye catching that it never fails to amuse the viewer. The best part is the timelessness sin its logo. They improvise and modifies it time and again depending on the current trend that adds more glory to its design.

Adds Authenticity

The one obstacle in the success of a new business is claiming authenticity. It happens that many startups soon after their establishment are shutdown. The reason behind their failure is the poor depiction of their claims. They claim so much yet they fall flat in proving them. Among the many ways, a business proves its service quality is through the depiction of a logo.

Your logo and its design standard reflect how strong your business identity is and whether you are legit or not. You incorporate your logo in all of your emails and on products. It gets an enhanced exposure. All of it reaches out to your customers and prospective leads. So, having a good logo is imperative to keep your business journey smooth.

Helps to Create Branded Assets

If you have a logo, then only you can plan to go for creating any offline or online branded asset. The logo is placed as a profile image on social media platforms, websites, ad campaigns and service posting. It’s the logo that takes to different platforms online. If you talk about online assets, then a business card is nothing without its logo. The flyers will not perform efficiently if it lacks a logo. Likewise, there are several assets that all perform effectively only by the inclusion of the logo.

It Connects with The Target Audience

When a designer makes a logo he adds a story in it. The purpose is to build an emotional connection with the viewer. He attempts to take a step closer to the target audience by addressing their needs and giving them a solution in the form of the brand’s visual appeal. The logo not only simply shows the name of the business but it throws a glimpse of the brand’s story.

It engages the viewer and establishes a connection. Sometimes it’s through the colors or patterns while other times it could be the logo type. You must have seen vintage logos that showcase a vibrant vibe but are designed in a way that it depicts a certain era of the timeline. These logos are designed for a specific group of the target audience. Therefore, as of now the trend to use vintage logotype is blended with a more modern twist.

Winding Down

You know how crucial it is to create the first impression great. So, why risk relying on a newbie. It’s important to look for a competent and professional logo designer to sketch your brand identity. You cannot change the logo once its spread all over the internet, it would mean establishing your presence once again from the scratch. So, when you plan to create on dig deeper and hunt for techniques that can promise you incredible outcomes. Work on your design brief and finalize after properly going through the list of objectives you want to achieve.

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