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Vaping Tutorials: Vape Cottons And How To Use Them?

Vaping has gained significant popularity as a smoking alternative, with e-cigarettes believed to have helped many people quit smoking. The majority of these devices are easy to use and beginner-friendly, but technical errors can still occur if you’re not careful.

Numerous new e-cigarette users do not research well, so they end up asking for help when it comes to changing the devices’ parts. It is incredibly easy to manage, but if a user lacks knowledge, they might make a mistake that can affect their health. They must also be extra cautious when changing the cotton or coil because they can damage the vaporizer.

How to Choose the Right Vape Cotton?

You should be mindful while choosing the vape cotton. All cotton for vaping is not the same; the type you choose will significantly impact your experience.

Irrelevant to the vape style you are now using, high-quality vape cotton is a must to reach your device’s full performance ability. Cotton is by far the most used vaping material and is cheap, so most people prefer it. Others might use semi-synthetic fiber or rayon, but these kinds of vapes aren’t that accessible.

Do You Use Cotton Balls for Vaping?

To use vape cotton balls, you’ll need a device with the RDA or RBA. RDA is an abbreviation for ‘rebuildable drip atomizers,’ which do not have an e-liquid reservoir. On the other hand, RTA stands for ‘rebuildable tank atomizer,’ which has a small tank for e-liquid.

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If vaping cotton is made from cotton, you might think that using ordinary cotton balls isn’t a big deal. However, vaping with this type of cotton or even pads from a drugstore is strongly discouraged as it can be hazardous for your health.

Most cotton balls used for cosmetic routines are heavily processed with dangerous dye and bleach. The cotton created especially for vaping, is even better than organic cotton balls, even though they may be unbleached and undyed.

How to Change the Vape Cotton?

After you pick the cotton type, it’s time to wick the coil. The basic technique is the best to use since it is pretty easy:

  • Take about two to three inches of cotton and model it to look like a thin rope. Press it firmly together and insert it within the coil, twisting
  • Cut off the extra wick and use tweezers to tuck the material into the coil
  • Make a tiny tunnel beneath the coils to allow the airflow to move freely and pour the e-juice
  • Test the coil with some fire to ensure you wicked it correctly and give the cotton some time to rest before you use the vape

Image Source: VapeClubMY/Unsplash

What Does it Mean to Prime a Coil?

Priming the coil is an important step that cannot be overlooked; it means saturating the entire cotton wick with e-juice and allowing it to sit for a minimum of ten minutes before you start vaping. This crucial process is intended to break in the coil, so you don’t get to taste cotton or dry hits.

One of the most regularly asked questions among vapers is, “Why does my vape taste burnt even if I put a new coil?”​ When a new coil’s taste is burnt, it produces a rough burnt sensation first to your throat and then your lungs. One of the most common causes behind this issue is that the coil is not primed correctly; therefore, it is dry, so when the vaporizer is fired and used at high wattage, it heats the dry cotton and gives the user a burnt or a so-called dry hit.​

How to Prime a Coil for Vape Tanks?

Every vape brand’s coil differs, but they have a similar design and can be primed using the same simple steps. Here’s how to prime a new coil for vape tanks:

  • Grab a new coil and drip a few drops of e-liquid in the wick and also inside the coil head
  • Restore the vape tank and pour in the vape juice
  • Screw the tank on your device and leave it to rest for at least ten minutes
  • After the ten minutes, inhale on the drip tip but do not fire
  • Adjust the wattage on your device mod to the lowest and press on the fire button slowly while inhaling
  • Gradually increase the wattage settings until you get to the perfect level for you

It is important to take the proper time to prepare and prime your new vape coil to ensure that you get the most out of the device and not burn it as soon as you bought it. Once the coil wears out, throw it and repeat the process detailed above.

Image Source: Eko Aldi Romadhan/Pexels

How Frequently Should You Change the Vape Cottons?

The regularity with which you need to change the vape cotton depends on how much you vape, the type of e-liquid you use, the temperature you vape at, and even the kind of cotton you use.

However, some clear signs show it is time to change the vape cotton:

  • Low or lack of vapors
  • A burnt taste to the vapor
  • A buildup in the coil
  • Wicks show discoloration
  • Burnt wicks’ ends

Some vape users prefer to change their cotton when they switch e-juice flavors, more so if they do not like combining flavors. If you are changing the e-juice with a similar flavor, you can keep the same vape cotton. But if you’re changing the e-juice flavor to a completely new one, like from vanilla to peppermint, then you should change the cotton too.

Image Source: Elsa Olofsson/Unsplash

Final Thoughts

If you have just started to vape, it can feel overwhelming to have so many new things to do when you didn’t expect it. However, with a bit of knowledge, everything can become incredibly easy.

Overall, to have a high-quality vaping experience, you need to use high-quality cotton. Using specially-made vape cotton makes the vaping experience better and keeps you away from health issues.

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