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Future Tech the Younger Generation Will Be Using

Gadgets have grown at an alarming rate and there’s no sign of the inventions slowing down any time soon.

Dreaming up new ways to make life more high tech has become a peak trend and it is quickly becoming evident that the new generation will soon be showing us the new ways of the world.

With so many amazing gizmos to pick up in your local gadget shop, it’s hard to believe there’s any room for more ideas. But, there are some incredible ideas which will make you winder why they haven’t been done before.

3D Pen

Pens are already 3D, we use them everyday, but what of they drew in 3D?

Talented artists have managed to create 3D visions using their skills to bring the drawings off the page in effect. However, a future dream is to use a pen which actually draws 3D sculptures off the page. Instead of using shading techniques for a project on Ancient Egypt, how about drawing an actual pyramid that can support it’s own weight with just a pen?

This is definitely something to go on your grandkids future Christmas list.

Instagram focused camera

Social media is here to stay and there’s no sign of it going anywhere, rapidly picking up more and more members everyday there’s certainly something to be said about the power of social interaction online.

If your family are hooked on Instagram, this would certainly be an invention up your street. A camera which is designed to work with the popular image platform that can not only take photos, but print them out too.

To make it even more high tech, the photos also have a scan function too. Could this replace the more traditional camera?

Extra help with laundry

We already have the washing machine and a tumble dryer, but what if someone could fold up the washing for you?

Unfortunately it won’t be able to put it away for you too, but there is another invention on the cards which is designed to endure the last of the enduring tasks of laundry on your behalf. Sorting out your family’s work and school clothes may soon be replaced by an extra cup of tea. We know what we’d prefer.

Another laundry related product looks at drying and disinfecting towels. Particularly useful during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, having an extra method for making towels extra clean could significantly help reduce the spread of disease, and may be of good use to medical institutions all over the world.

Becoming Dr Dolittle

Famous the whole world over for having the ability to talk to animals, a device has been imagined to break down the divide between man and his best friend.

Looking very much like a headset used with a gaming PC, simply attached on to your beloved dog can open the gateway to full understanding of what your pet is thinking.

Although you may already have a pretty good idea what is on their minds most of the time, this proposed gadget could make your life much easier if you know what your pet actually wants.

Who knows, even further down the line the same proposed gadget could possibly move on to other species too, making it possible for animals and humans to communicate more openly.

Along with all these incredible ideas so there are so many more concepts being designed on a regular basis which can all find their way in to your home sooner than you may think. Keep watching your favourite gadget shop.

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