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7 Ways SEO Proxies Can Help to Promote Your Website

In recent years, the digital industry has seen rapid growth and has created a platform for many businesses, bloggers, and webpreneurs. And with so many opportunities, there are challenges too, such as learning best practices and techniques for promoting your site, SEO ranking, etc.

Because of stiff competition, it is extremely difficult for your website to achieve top ranking for search engines like Google.

There are two ways of ranking your website. The first one is by making a content-rich website which might take more time to see an improvement in ranking. The second one is by optimizing websites with SEO which takes comparatively little time for ranking on Search Engines(SEs) and with no need to fill your site with heavy content.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a process of factoring different criteria that will rank your website. It simply means a way of increasing visibility and search traffic for your site. It contains both on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

With the proper use of SEO, your website can better convert traffic to customers. There is also a possibility of being penalized by search engines or other software if you use them carelessly or excessively without proper methods. To prevent yourself from getting banned, there are proxy servers for you.

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Proxy servers are basically software that hide your original IP address while visiting certain sites or software. It provides security layers and anonymity for your computer while doing online activities on the internet.

They help to perform business activities or surfing without the fear of restrictions provided by search engines, websites and social media.

Proxies work as a middleman between the internet and you. When you send information from your device by using a proxy server, it will go to the proxy server first, then the server that you’re surfing, and it works the same way when information is coming back to you from another site.

Proxies can be beneficial for businesses with multiple websites or social media accounts because they help to create different IP addresses for different accounts. In this way, you won’t be penalized or restricted for having multiple accounts on a single device; That’s why many big businesses use this technique.

There are two types of proxy servers; i.e., public proxy and private proxy. A public proxy is free to use but it is not recommended for you as most are created by hackers or scammers with the express purpose of stealing your information.

Private proxy is paid but it is totally safe if you want to perform online activities for your website anonymously. Private proxies are widely used by businesses for their safety and reliability for SEO purposes or social media handling.

Now, the SEO proxy is a proxy that is used for SEO of your website that helps to get a higher amount of traffic and better ranking on search engines. A SEO proxy can be a residential proxy or datacenter proxy.

Datacenter proxies have no physical IP address which means the IP address is fake and doesn’t belong to any physical locations. This proxy sometimes could lead to getting blocked from websites.

While residential proxies are proxies having real locational IP addresses, meaning they belong to real locations, they can be safe for you to do SEO for your website on the internet anonymously. Let’s read about how SEO proxies can be helpful in the promotion of your website.

7 ways SEO Proxies Can Help To Promote Your Website

1. Competitors’ Research

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Every website business has 10-15 competitors, no matter the stage of development of the site. As a beginner, the best way to find out about your competitors is to directly search on Google.

You will find several competitors that are already ranking from the keyword you’re working on. Proxy servers make it much easier to find competitors from different locations and obtain information on the country location from which the company is ranked.

Once you find your competitors according to a desired location, you can now develop new strategies for your website such as a number of posts to upload for the week, focused keywords, backlinks, time of uploading posts, engagements on social media handles, etc.

In this way, with the help of proxy servers, you can form an analysis of your website based on competitors’ sites, without any identity disclosure or subsequent exposure and penalties.

2. Web Scraping

Websites are built using mark-up languages like HTML which contain wealthy, content-rich data in the form of text. Most website owners do content scraping to discover the proprietary information of competitors, and develop analysis based on it.

Web scraping is defined as the extraction of data like text, images, headings, or even posts obtained by a website from the local file in a computer, with a single click and the help of scraping software.

The aim of web scraping isn’t to download content from other websites and use it on your website. It is copyrighted information and you should never use other content on your website as if it is your own.

Web scraping is done for obtaining content on your competitors which helps to get an idea of what is both happening and what your competitors have planned. You can also scrape the data of e-commerce sites.

Proxy servers mask your own IP address with the other IP address so your competitors won’t know you’re scraping their data, even if they can identify that someone is actually scraping their data, They can block the proxy site’s IP but not your IP address.

3. Keyword Research

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Keywords can be the game changer for the SEO of your site as it not only helps to get traffic to your site, it also helps to get the right kind of traffic to your site.

Suppose your website is based on a car niche, so using car related keywords will help to get audiences who love cars, not the audience who love jets! So keyword research for a website should be properly done to get the right audience and rank on it.

Many sites can be helpful in finding out the right keywords for your site. Proxy servers can improve keyword findings because you can hide your own IP address and location and use another IP for the desired location. You will come to know which keywords rank for your desired locations.

There are some SEO practices that can cause your IP addresses to be banned. This is another reason for utilizing proxy servers.

4. Increase Website Loading Speed

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When you use a proxy for SEO, your websites get cached on the user’s site. It means that when a person visits your site for the first time, the cache of your site will save the user’s browser. When the user visits your site again, it will load much faster because of your saved cache on his browser. You know that fast web loading is an important SEO factor of your site so it helps a lot for the ranking of your site on Google top pages.

5. Helps In Link Building

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Link building is also a ranking factor for Google but be advised that if you add backlinks yourself with the help of fake backlinks-generating sites, there is an excellent chance that you will be penalized. But when the right backlinks are created, it helps in getting more traffic and clicks.

If you want to create backlinks for your site, you need a private proxy to create backlinks along with proper content with SEO from different IP addresses or locations.

It is recommended to avoid black-hat techniques to create backlinks for your site as Google may penalize your site for violating Google’s SEO policy.

6. Social Media Enhancement

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Google’s crawling bots not only check the indexed information on your site but also collect information from your social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Creating many social media accounts from the same IP address isn’t a good idea as detectors might see it as spam. To prevent your social media accounts from declaring spams, you should use proxy servers to maintain different social media accounts from different IPs.

Social media can be a great tool to generate traffic and improve SEO activities that then lead to the promotion of your website. Generating initial traffic from social media is really easy and a good way of generating traffic to your site..

7. Tracking Own Data

All of your entered or searched data remains safe on private proxies. You can easily keep track of your traffic and SEO results that assist in changing or updating your strategies to promote your websites. You can keep a close eye on your previous searched terms and previously visited sites on the private proxy. Not only that, but you can keep track of your social media handles too.


Proxy servers not only hide your IP address but also provide you with an extra layer of security that can be beneficial. You’re able to keep an eye on the activities of your competitors without revealing your real identity to your competitors or search engines.

Public proxies can work too, but there isn’t any guarantee concerning your security and privacy concerns.

It is never recommended to use public proxy servers.

Through these above mentioned ways, SEO proxies can be used to increase the number and quality of visitors to your site. Grow your website faster through these effective SEO techniques.

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