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Top 5 Tips to Consider When Buying a Guitar

Are you a music enthusiast? At one point, you must have thought of not only buying a musical instrument but also learning how to play it. A popular instrument among many music lovers is a guitar. While being a pro at playing this instrument starts with talent that you can hone over time, settling for the best one can be challenging. For sure, buying one from electric guitar adelaide that suits your budget and taste is highly crucial.

Fortunately, going top-of-the-line at once isn’t necessary. You just have to follow a set of rules to land the best brands of guitars.

Here are the top five tips to consider when in the market for a guitar:

Tip #1: Decide on Type of Guitar

The most important factor to consider when looking for a new guitar is to consider between electric and acoustic types of guitars. Acoustic guitars are ideal for newbies. Electric ones are perfect for the experienced folks. Be they, both electric or acoustic, guitars aren’t generic.

Electric guitars that feature a single coil pickup are the best ones for jazz, funk, or rock. The rule of thumb is to think exactly how you need your guitar to sound and then make a purchase accordingly.

Tip #2: Avoid Impulse Purchases

The mistake many buyers make is to purchase without doing their due diligence. Before making a decision, you should research extensively on the internet, read as many reviews as possible, and seek for opinions and advice from friends that play guitar. While considering pieces of advice, you should follow your gut instincts. The more information you have, the better. Knowing how to string a classical guitar is an art all in itself and that is why it is extremely necessary to get your purchase decisions right from the get go.

Tip #3: Exercise Caution

To have an idea of the exact type of guitar to buy, you must visit several shops. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on something that doesn’t meet your needs. Remember that you’ll spend plenty of time practicing and playing on it. If your guitar doesn’t ‘feel’ right, you’ll never enjoy playing it. Every time you try a guitar, you should carefully listen to it. Be on the lookout for any unclean or buzzing sounds.

Tip #4: Consider Playing Comfort

How comfortable the guitar is should be a major factor to consider. For instance, is the guitar’s neck too thin or thick for your hands? If that’s the case, then it might be challenging to play fast and comfortably on it. The other important thing to consider regarding comfort is weight. If your instrument is too light, know that the wood isn’t good. This factor is highly important, especially for acoustics. Again, settling for an extremely heavy one shouldn’t be an option. The golden rule is to choose one with the right weight, that is, a guitar that feels comfortable playing.

Tip #5: Buy the Right Amp

This factor is important especially if you choose the buy an electric guitar. Purchasing a bad amp can make even a great guitar sound pretty awful. Also if you are recording the music, you might want to check the best microphones for recording acoustic guitar.

Important Note: Always remember that buying a new guitar also calls for a set of additional strings, a tuner, a case, and new picks. Therefore, always be prepared in this respect as well.

Which other tips should you consider?

Here are some of the other important tips that can also be handy to help you buy a new guitar:

  • Always take your friend to the guitar shop; the second opinion is always important
  • Always have a budget to work with
  • Always know specific shops that sell specific types of guitars. This will help you to save time, rather than visiting countless shops and yet they don’t have the specific type you need
  • Avoid buying used guitars as your first
  • Know the accessories you need to use with your first guitar
  • Have the salesman or woman to set it up for you

In Conclusion

Whether it’s your maiden guitar, your 10th or even 100th, buying a new guitar should be an exciting and super fun time. It shouldn’t be challenging or confusing. There’s no doubt about that. To ensure you make the best guitar-buying decision, you need to consider the above top five guitar buying tips. Anything contrary to that will cause you deep regrets and disappointments later on.

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