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A brief guide about vaping while driving

If you are on a long drive or caught up in rush hour traffic, perhaps nothing is quite as enjoyable as vaping, while at the wheel. This does entail a number of risks, legally as well as for personal safety. We take a brief look at vaping and driving in this article and how we can address issues related to them.

Physical safety issues

Distortion of vision: Even if you are someone new to the practice of vaping in the car, you would have noticed that when you exhale fumes, your vision gets impaired briefly. It gets dicier when you are in the driving seat with a glass windscreen at the front of you. The threat presented to the public and your self is obvious. A few ways to get around this problem are:

Avoid exhaling directly in front: The solution is not to exhale directly in front of the windscreen as it will impair your vision. Instead, try to exhale through the nostril or side of your mouth. You need to have a clear field of vision when driving.

Opt for PG juice: New vapers should be aware that using high VG Juice in a sub-ohm tank releases a thick cloud of vapours. It is okay when you are at home or relaxing elsewhere. With the air conditioner on and windows up a few such puffs will make the inside of the car foggy. Instead shop online or at a vape shop for high PG juice. And remember to use a plus-ohm tank when vaping at the wheel.

Keep the windows rolled down: The fact is all kinds of vaping liquids (including high-PG juice) create a mist which remains in closed spaces. When you keep the window glass down the mist dissipates, more so if you exhale towards the open windows. In case of rain or on a cold day, keep the window glass down a few inches if you vape within the car. Rolling down all four windowpanes will effectively remove any lingering vapours.

Other disruptions

When at the wheel you need to focus on the road ahead and the traffic without getting distracted for any reason.

Avoid drip: Those who adopt the method of dripping are aware that the wick needs saturation frequently. A better option is to use a squonk, which supplies juice through an atomiser at the bottom. It makes saturating the wick easy and prevents any leakage. The last thing you need is ruining the expensive car audio installation with juice. Those who use RDAs will find a squonk great!

Be watchful about the quantity of nicotine: Be watchful while vaping, and the amount of nicotine you consume. An excess of nicotine can lead to dizzy spells and even occasional blackouts. This can be dangerous when you drive. Only use juice with low nicotine content and the moment you feel even slightly light-headed, pull over to the side and stop the car.

Keep the kit safe: Make sure the kit is easy to access without the needs to search under your seat or anywhere else while driving.

Keep a bottle of water handy: The downside with vaping is it can make the throat dry, so to avoid feeling uneasy or start coughing, keep a water bottle with you.

Keep an eye on the road: When you vape, you need to avoid driving over uneven surfaces or a pothole. The last thing you would want is to break or chip a tooth on the tip of the drip.

Clean the windscreen regularly

If you vape regularly in the car over time a greasy film will coat the inside of the windscreen, especially if you use high VG juice. This can lead to the windscreen fogging on a cold day or increasing the sunlight’s brightness on a sunny day.

Two ways to keep the screen clean are:

Clean the screen regularly: Follow a regular cleaning schedule for the windscreen before a layer of grime forms inside. For this, you can buy a cleaning spray preferably with vinegar content and use a rough piece of cloth to wipe off the residue.

Take preventive measures: Not many people are aware that shaving foam used to clean the windscreen delays grime build-up caused by vaping. The foam leaves a protective thin film on the screen that prevents fogging. However, just apply a tiny amount.

The legal aspect

Vaping and driving are legal in many nations, while the law may vary in some places. In the UK, legislation forbids drivers to smoke in cars with kids inside. While vaping is not on the prohibition list at present, it will probably come under scrutiny in the coming time.

A few tips to vape legally

Be cautious: If you do vape while driving, ensure there are no lingering vapours in the car. If there is a build up of fog, the police are legally within their rights to stop the car on grounds of safety. If you neglect these precautionary measures you could end up in an accident or worse. Play it safe and follow the mentioned steps if you vape while driving.

Remain courteous: The likelihood of having to pull over on police orders because of using a new kind of vaping piece is unlikely. This is because the police are aware of vaping. The risk is if someone from the public reports you and the police decide to check. In the event you need to stop for checking, remain courteous and cooperative at all times.

Check with fellow passengers: If you are travelling with fellow passengers in a car, ask first if they mind before lighting up. Also, avoid vaping in a car with young kids present.

A final point

While vaping and driving has its risks, it is safer than cigarettes because of the lower quantity of poisonous chemicals emitted and reduced fire hazard. The bottom line while vaping and driving is not to get distracted, keep the windscreen clean and the interior of the car clear of fumes.

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